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Agile, Scrum, Kanban, lean and MVP, digital product development processes of all sorts and kinds are part of our everyday workflow. But how and when can we connect Design Sprints with these powerful frameworks to create new products or rethink existing ones?

We will be looking closely into effective models, methods and tools that can help you quickly and efficiently incorporate Design Sprints into your Agile process. The benefits are indeed amazing, and we can’t wait to share this hands-on knowledge with you. And, as always, be ready to roll up your sleeves and jump straight into the experience!

Together with our friends and special guests from DESIGN SPRINT ACADEMY, who set up their Meetup group to share expert insights into Design Sprints and facilitation tips and tricks. We will provide insights and some best practices into how to start loving Agile Design Sprints!


Kjell Eldor-Evans, Product and Innovation Lead, Manifesto:

The Design Sprint, first develop by Jake Knapp at Google, has changed the way businesses create new products and services, by bringing together multiple stakeholders to frame urgent problems and prototype solutions. But how can Design Sprints, and design thinking more generally, relate to Agile development sprints? How can design sprints be used to define requirements which can be developed, tested and shipped at speed? In this talk, Kjell Eldor from Manifesto’s innovation hub, Future Foundry, will answer these questions and share case studies which show how a combination of design and agile sprints can deliver better quality products in less time.

Simon Bates, COO, Manifesto:

Simon, experienced ScrumMaster, Agile practitioners and speaker, will be applying Agile Methodologies such as SCRUM to show how we would deliver the outcomes of Kjell's case study example.

On the night, we will also hear talks from John Vetan, Design Sprint Strategist & Co-founder of Design Sprint Academy, and Mark Garner our Design Sprint Convert from Design Sprint Academy.

Further speakers to be announced - watch this space!

We look forward to welcoming everyone across our Meetup groups in this exciting collaboration.