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“More software projects have gone awry from management’s taking action based on incorrect system models than for all other causes combined.” – Weinberg-Brooks’ Law

As agile coaches and scrum masters we spend most of our time dealing with systems: teams, communities and organizations. While interacting with them we experience how hard it is for systems to produce the outcomes they truly want. And as we help them change, we often feel like we are trying to move a mountain, or, as system thinkers like to phrase it, tipping an iceberg.

Systems thinking has been a long time coming. Early study showed that most people have weak judgement on how to fundamentally improve systems, usually applying incorrect “common sense” and quick-fix ‘solutions’ thereby making the system no better or even worse. Despite growing attention most of us are still untrained in systems thinking and systemic behavior still takes us by surprise.
We believe that being able to see, talk about and understand systems can be very instrumental in agile transformations. We are on a journey to become better systems thinkers and passionate about sharing practical experiences. This meetup we hope to inspire you to introduce systems thinking into your organization and to do so in a playful manner. For those unfamiliar with systems thinking this meetup will be a playful introduction. We hope more experienced systems thinkers can take away new ways to introduce the concepts using serious play.

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Gerard Janssen, Richard Jacobs en Simone de Ruijter