Hooking Docker Into Selenium @ #ltgworkshops

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Join Mark Collin (https://twitter.com/@ardesco) for his workshop at the London Tester Gathering Workshops (https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/6611-london-tester-gathering-workshops-2015)

Hooking Docker Into Selenium (https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/6611-london-tester-gathering-workshops-2015)
Mark Collin

One of the constant pains we come across when working with Selenium is cross browser compatibility testing.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our tests could download a virtual image that booted in seconds and allowed us to run our tests against browsers that we don’t have installed on our local machines?
Wouldn’t it be great is we could remove the pain of setting up a selenium grid?

This workshop will have a look at how we can use docker to help mitigate some of that pain. The phases will be:

Basic introduction to docker.
Getting it up and running on everybody machines.
Running tests against docker images.
Automating the process of downloading and bringing up docker images with maven.
A look at what this means to Selenium Grids.

There will also be a look at where docker is going and how it can continue to help us in the future.

Attendee prerequisites

Java JDK 7+
Maven 3
IntelliJ IDEA
The code at https://github.com/Ardesco/Selenium-Maven-Template checked out and running.