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Connect with students, IT & business professionals using or starting out with Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, ScrumBan.

Join the Agile Tucson Slack channel (https://agiletucson.slack.com/join/shared_invite/enQtMzkwODcwODcyODE5LTliMjY4OGJjODA0ZTBjMjMzNTk3Mzk2MGNhYzkyNWFhYTIxNmJiZjY5MGQ0NmU2YzMxOGFhMmQ1ZGVjOWQxNGY).

Agile Tucson is a diverse group of IT, business, and management students & professionals using Agile project management methods to evolve how work works. We promote the continuous discovery, rapid experimentation, and quick feedback loops of Agile, which help teams build better products faster, with less risk. We prioritize data-driven decisions and focus on business value.

Agile was born in IT, through a group of people uncovering a better way to build software. All parts of the business are now realizing the benefits of Agile methods- from happier teams, to limiting work in process and getting things done faster, to visualizing and managing dependencies across departments. Whether running a startup or working in city government, on a development team or as the Marketing Manager, Agile Tucson will help you make new connections while exploring Agile methods.

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