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Free Agile Writers Seminar WEST - 9 Novels Completed So Far

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Saturday 1pm - 5pm


Be Agile!
Agile Writers combines the lessons of Myth, Storytelling, Psychology, and a little project management to create a 6-month program to finish your first draft. This method was used to SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE 9 FIRST DRAFT NOVELS THIS YEAR. Yours could be next!
Agile Writers is not just a method of creating a first draft novel in 6 months, it's also a peer-supported writing and publishing workshop.
Agile Writers is guided by the writings of
Joseph Campbell (“The Hero With A Thousand Faces”) Christopher Vogler (“The Writer’s Journey”) Michael Hague (“Writing Screenplays That Sell”) Christopher Booker (“The Seven Basic Plots”) Allison & Goethals (“Heroes – What They Do & Why We Need Them”) What you'll learn:
The Elements of a Great Story How to Write Your Story in Bite-Sized Chunks What Makes a Great Hero Which Characters to Add to Your Story What Are the Major Turning Points in a Great Story How to Deal With Pacing Exclusive Agile Writers Workshop
Once you've finished the Agile Writers Seminar, you'll be invited to join the exclusive Agile Writers Workshop. It's a writer-supported, collaborative group where you'll apply the techniques learned in this seminar. You'll be teamed with two other writers who have studied this method and together you encourage each other to create your first draft in 6 months.
By invitation only Meets weekly (Tuesdays @ 6pm @ 1518 Willow Lawn Drive) Supports you in finishing your first draft in 6 months. Your work is critiqued by two peers who stay with you all 6 months Regular goals to help motivate you to finish in 6 months
Exclusive Agile Publishers Workshop
But the support doesn't stop there. Once you've completed your first draft novel, you will be invited to join Agile Publishers. This is a group of authors who are studying the many ways to get published.
By invitation only Guides to rewriting your story Critique of your rewritten story Support as you work your way towards getting published Pros and Cons of different publishing methods Research and Review of different publishing methods Independent Publishing Self Publishing Vanity Publishing Traditional (mainstream) Publishing Small-press Publishing Get Started Now!
Come learn what makes a great story at the Agile Writers Seminar. Join the Agile Writers Workshop, complete your first draft in 6 months. Join the Agile Publishers Workshop, get your novel published!
Great Price
Dozens have paid $35 or more for this seminar, but I'm offering it free. I know that you'll benefit from it and will be able to put its lessons to good use. The Agile Writer Workbook (optional) is an additional cost and will be available at the event.
Agile Writers not affiliated with Richmond Public Library.

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