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The AI Campus Berlin is a not-for-profit space where research, startups and corporates come together and collaborate on Artificial Intelligence projects.

This group will feature all public events happening in and around the Campus. From tech talks, workshops and expert circles to informal meetups, our goal is to build an open and collaborative community.

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Tech Lunch Talk with Wolfgang Hammer & Patrick Schramowski

Todays Tech Lunch Talk will be held by Patrick Schramowski and Wolfgang Stammer. They are PhD students in the AIML lab of Kristian Kersting at the TU Darmstadt.
Patrick is currently working on language models and explainability. Wolfgang is currently working on explainability and neuro-symbolic AI.

Their talk will be on the general topic of "Learning from Explanations”, giving an overview of the field and focussing a little more on our contributing work on this topic.

Artificial Intelligence Act - An Overview of the EC's Proposal

Join us with Prof Dr. Christian Duve & Olga Hamama Founders and Partners at V29 Legal.

They will give an initial overview of the AIA and its practical implications. The presentation provides an understanding of the emerging regulatory framework and its implications in practice. This presentation gives participants idea how can they prepare themselves today to ensure compliance.

This talk is perfect for companies developing, deploying and using AI applications, AI scientists & developers.

Tech Lunch Talk with Jannik Kossen

Online event

Todays Lunch Tech Talk will be held by Jannik Kossen, a PhD student in machine learning in the OATML Oxford.

He will talk about "Active Testing: Sample-Efficient Model Evaluation"

Responsible AI

Online event

We are excited to welcome Catherina Xu, Product Manager at Google AI. Catherina will talk about the concepts and approaches to Responsible AI and how it is already represented in Google's ML portfolio.

In this talk you'll learn about the various challenges of fair and responsible AI and how to apply the right methods and techniques to it.

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