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AI Hub Pakistan (organized by Inqline, an NYC-based AI company), is a community of tech lovers who are enthusiastic about Big Data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, data science, and data-driven products and businesses, in Pakistan. The community aims to meet once a month at a 3-hour event to discuss and educate everyone within the community about the newest tech trends in the industry.

::: Highlights of the Monthly Event

The Inqline data team will help you understand and implement the 7 fundamental steps to complete a data project: It's hard to know where to start once you’ve decided that yes, you want to dive into the fascinating world of data and AI. Just looking at all the technologies you have to understand and all the tools you’re supposed to master is enough to make you dizzy.

Well, luckily for you, building your first data project is actually not as hard as it seems. And yes, starting on a tool that is designed to empower people of all backgrounds and levels of expertise helps, but first you need to understand the data science process itself. Becoming data-powered is first and foremost about learning the basic steps and following them to go from raw data to building a machine learning model, and ultimately to operationalization.

The following is our take on the fundamental steps of a data project in this awesome age of AI, machine learning and big data,

1. Understanding the Business

2. Get Your Data

3. Explore and Clean Your Data

4. Enrich Your Dataset

5. Build Visualizations

6. Get Predictive

7. Iterate and Deploy

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