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AWS Cost Driven Architectures with Java:

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AWS Cost Driven Architectures with Java:


"AWS Cost Driven Architectures with Java"

=> "The impact of architectural choices on ...the monthly AWS invoice"

Designing architectures for the cloud without considering the infrastructure costs does not make sense.

In this workshop, we will navigate various AWS offerings and discuss their impact on infrastructure and operations costs.

All examples, calculations, attendees' requests, and suggestions will be committed to a git repository in real-time.

After a a short introduction to AWS basics (VPC, IAM, accounts, storage and organizations), we will cover the following templates and use cases:

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Java Cloud Development Kit (CDK) v2 and Apache Maven
  • a pragmatic approach to cost estimation
  • understanding the AWS invoice
  • cost-effective, multi-cloud approaches
  • the costs of networks
  • evaulating bare metal, containers and serverless from cost perspective
  • costs of CI/CD, observability, monitoring and logging
  • Reserved instances and saving plans
  • using spot instances effectively
  • combining ECS and AWS Lambda for cost saving
  • using serverless saving plans
  • choosing: AWS App Runner, Lightsail, Beanstalk, ECR ECS / Fargate, EKS, AWS Lambda for cost optimization
  • RDS, vs. serverless Aurora
  • SQL or NoSQL from cost perspective
  • comparing managed services vs. opensource offerings
  • TBD
  • ...and most popular questions, topics and approaches from

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