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AI NEXTCon Developers Conference Seattle 2020, 2/12-15
* Ticket is on sale (40% off) until 12/13, 2019.
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Join us the 10th AI NEXTCon, the leading AI developers conference hosted around the world (Seattle, New York, San Francisco, London, Beijing). AI NEXTCon is an AI developer-driven technology event specially geared to engineers, developers, data scientists to share, learn, and practice AI technology and how apply AI, ML, DL, Data to solve engineering problems, and machine learning production lifecycle. it brings together top technical engineers, practitioners, influential technologists and data scientists to share solutions and practical experiences in computer vision, speech, NLP, machine learning, deep learning, machine learning in prod, data science/analytics

The conference features a blend of inspirational keynotes, deep dive tech talks, hands-on workshops, immersive trainings, and networking opportunity with like minded colleagues. it's 4 days conference with 60+ tech speakers/tech talk sessions, 60+ tech talks. Speakers are mainly from engineering teams from Microsoft Amazon Uber Airbnb Pinterest Google Facebook Twitter LinkedIn, Nvidia, Intel, etc...

AI NEXTCon is one of premium tech events specially geared to tech engineers, developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers, has attracted more than 500 tech lead speakers, 10000+ tech engineers attending and more than 30 sponsors (like Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, Oracle, eBay, OfferUp, Google, IBM, AI2, Zillow, Alibaba, Huawei, DiDi, LinkedIn, OmniSci, alwaysAI, Test.AI, Expedia, and more).

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* Main Conference: Feb. 12~13
* Hands-on Workshop: Feb. 14~15
* Deep learning training: Feb. 15~16

* Computer Vision
* Machine Learning and ML lifecycle
*Deep Learning and tools
* AutoML
* AI in Fintech and AI in Healthcare
* Women in AI

* Group discount available (5+: 10% off; 10+: 15% off). contact us for discount code.
"NEXTCon share program": help to share and promote AI NEXTCon, you can get more discount, free ticket and/or earn extra cash, contact us for details.
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