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"Learn AI/ML/Data by Practice". Join us to learn and practice AI, Machine learning, Deep learning and Data Science technology together with like-minded developers.

Due to the Covid-19, we have moved all our meetup events online: https://www.aicamp.ai (https://www.aicamp.ai/) ( https://www.aicamp.ai/event/events )

AICamp is a large AI/ML/Data developers community globally, with 100K+ developers from 100+ countries, we also have 40+ local study groups/chapters in 15 countries. Our mission is to enable every developer to learn and practice AI/ML/Data technology from anywhere at any time. We host many online tech events at the daily basis, such as webinars, workshops, tutorials, bootcamps, and large tech summit/conference. Contact us (support AT aicamp.ai) if you are interested in speaking your topics, promoting your events, collaboration with your events, or volunteering to build and grow the local AI/ML/Data community.

** For speaking, submit your topics:

-- Topic and Abstract: the topic needs to be technology focused, generally good for engineers, developers to learn and practice on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Cloud, etc.. no marketing/promotional talks.

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** For partnering events. we help many tech organizations, meetup groups, communities to run their online events. contact us for details how we can collaborate.

*AI online learning/practicing platform: https://www.aicamp.ai (https://www.aicamp.ai/)

*AI online community platform: https://www.aicamp.ai/event/events

*50+ Local AI developers communities around world: https://www.aicamp.ai/index/localchapter

Upcoming events (3)

Google AI/ML Workshop (Session 3) - Vertex AI and Explainable AI

This is online hands-on workshop event, register on the event website to receive zoom join link:

GDG Cloud Bellevue is hosting multiple-weeks hands-on workshops to learn and practice AI/ML on Google Cloud.

These workshops are for developers of all skill level to come together to learn ML, MLOps, Tensorflow and Vertex AI.
- Get Free official Google training. Together we will work through several Machine learning labs.
- Get hands-on experience on real Google cloud environment.
- Guest speakers and mentors to help on labs.
- Free access to more labs you can finish at home.
- Complete all labs to earn a Google-hosted badge.
- Raffle for swags and prizes.

After our live sessions, you will have free access to more labs you can finish at home. Complete all labs in the quest and earn a Google-hosted badge for your online profile, and additional 30 days access to the training platform to compete any labs you want.

- Welcome and Introduction.
- Tech talk on Vertex AI, explainable AI
- Labs overview and setup.
- Lab 1: Vertex AI: Qwik Start.
- Wrap up & Raffle

We provide labs support on slack. Join the slack: https://bit.ly/3iLe40y (after join slack, search and join the channel: "google-ai-ml-workshop").

Partner communities:
GDG Silicon Valley, GDG Cloud London, GDG Zurich, GDG Cloud Bangalore, GDG Cloud Hyderabad.

Modernize AI-powered Application Using Open Source Tools

This is online tech talk event, register on the website to receive join link:

Modernizing your application is inevitable in the era of digital transformation. Having architectural flexibility, improved ROI by infusing AI and faster time to market can be achieved easily by application modernization.
In this talk, we will be combining open source tools and OpenShift to automate deployment of an AI-powered application in a hybrid multicloud environment.

You will learn how to provide a Rest API to the deep learning models using an open source framework, basics of OpenShift and the source-to-image concept, and how to build and deploy your AI-powered application as a microservice on OpenShift directly from the source code using the OpenShift concepts learned.

Hands-on Workshop for Computer Vision and Object Detection

This is online workshop on zoom, please register here to receive joining link: https://www.aicamp.ai/event/eventdetails/W2021102718

Join this hands-on workshop to get started with computer vision and object detection. Build your own object detection model from start to finish. Includes step-by-step instructions on data annotation and model training with your own dataset.
Object classification and localization within an image is foundational to many computer vision applications.

In this workshop, we'll cover:
* High level computer vision applications & concepts
* How to label your own dataset for object detection & computer vision
* How to train your model using a Faster R-CNN in python & detectron2 (A PyTorch based modular object detection library)
* Run the model for object detection on images & video

What you’ll need:
* A modern web browser
* A Google account for Colab.

Who should attend:
Anyone interested in computer vision! This workshop is designed to be approachable for most skill levels. Knowing some python programming will help, but it's not required. We encourage anyone who is curious to attend and ask questions!

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