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Hills and Thrills at Bull Run Marina Regional Park!!! - Clifton, VA

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Hey Super Troopers!!!

It's time to go back to our favorite trail..yup, yours and mine! It breaks my little Asian heart to say this will be my last hike with you until mid-June, (I'm off to motherland Asia! Great we come!!!). But fear not...I promise you, you'll be in good hands with John M, Cassie, and the rest of Team Gorgeous!

For this hike we'll be visiting our old friend, the Bull Run Occoquan Trail (BROT). As you might recall from our previous travels, the BROT is a heavily-forested trail which starts at Bull Run Regional Park and extends for 18 beautiful miles to Fountainhead Regional Park right in the middle of suburbia sprawl. The trail basically follows the flow of the Bull Run stream and the Occoquan River to the Potomac. We'll enter the trail at the Bull Run Marina section. Trail Map (

This section of the BROT straddles the waters of the Occoquan Reservoir and winds along the wooded hillsides and courses in-and-out of somewhat steep ravines that filter and funnel water into the reservoir. The trail also passes under tall oak and hemlock trees, which gives the forest a very lovely, dark, and deep feel. Don't worry about the hills and ravines as they aren't too tough or anything we can't handle with relish! And I might add, hills are a good workout for your derrière!

As usual, this out-and-back hike will be about 2-hours (5 miles of smiles). I dunno, I'd say it's a moderate hike with a natural surface. Please do not complain/whine/cry to me about the many hills, as I really don't give a hoot. Last time we were here, I had a woman scream at the top of her lungs and in my face "Another hill!!!", to which I screamed back: "You can either complain or go up the hill!!!" She proceeded up the hill. Homey don't play that!

How to Get There: From Fairfax County Parkway head south on VA 643/Lee Chapel Road (1 mile), take a right onto VA 123/Ox Road (1.1 miles), and turn left onto Henderson (5.1 miles). Be careful for your final turn--a sharp left onto Old Yates (0.8 miles). The parking lot will be on your left.

What to bring: yourself, your furry friend, water, and cool sunglasses! Please remember for legal purposes, this is a kid-free zone, no one under 18 please. As always, if have questions, are lost, going to be late, or just want to say hello, please call me at (301)[masked].

Hope you'll come to the dance!