The Alexandria Euchre Club 2019 Grand Prix Partners Tournament

This is a past event

32 people went

Price: $20.00 /per person

Courtney and Jeff's House

6308 Miller Drive · Alexandria, VA

How to find us

We are filling the whole house, you can't miss us !!

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SAVE THE DATE : Saturday June 15th, 2019

GRAND PRIX "Partners" Style Tournament:

* Arrive @ 5:30pm
* Tournament starts promptly @ 6:00pm
* Tournament ends @ 11:00pm
* 10 games, 25 minute each, 4.5 hours

The Location:

Courtney and Jeff's House
6308 Miller Dr
Alexandria, VA[masked]

The Prizes: (amounts depend on total participation)

• First Place Team will receive $200 ($100 each player)
• Second Place Team will receive $150 ($75 each player)
• Third Place Team will receive $100 ($50 each player)

The Charity :

Approx $250 (amount depends on total participation)
The FIRST PLACE team will suggest the charity we will donate to.
(The final charity decisions will be made by Gary).

Tournament Information
Arrival and the "Sitting Out" Table:

• Arrive @ 5:30pm, checked in and @ your seats by 6:00pm.
• Any late arrivals (not checked in and sitting in their seats @ 6:00pm) will be penalized 5 points (the team they belong to).
• The last table (highest in number) will be the "sitting out" table if we have an odd number of teams.
• Any late arrivals (the team) will go immediately to the "sitting out" table.

Understanding the Game / Tournament Play:

• We will not be offering instruction at the tournament. You need to have a solid understanding of how to play the game of Euchre. Easy enough.

• We play stick the dealer, but not steal the deal--same as on Thursday / Tuesday.

• Each team will draw a number at the beginning of the tournament to determine if they are an EVEN # or an ODD # team.

• In a GRAND PRIX Style Tournament you are going for the WIN every time you play at a table.

• Once a team has won the game, the play at your table is completed.

• The EVEN numbered teams stay at the table, the ODD numbered teams are the ones that move once play is concluded.

• The games will be timed to force movement, you will have 20 minutes to win the game, and 5 minutes to move from table to table.

• You will be given a 5 minute warning at 15 minutes.

• Once you hear "Time" you can finish the hand you are in, but that is all. The highest score at that table is the winner.

• The most points you can get for winning a game is 13 (9 plus a loner).

• Partnering:

• The idea of a GRAND PRIX Style Tournament is that you show up with your partner. How you convince that person to be your partner is up to you (smile).

• In the comment section please let me know who is partnering with whom.

• Just before the tournament we will take any "singles" left and we will pair you up randomly so all can participate.

• The tournament must have a total number of teams divisible by 2... so that ODD teams have an EVEN team to play against in every time period.


• You need to keep track of your WINS as well as your POINTS and your OPPONENTS points.

• The team with the most WINS and highest POINTS is the WINNER of the tournament.

• Second and Third place will be determined the same way.

• In case of a tie, we will look to see who kept their opponents to the LOWEST points.


In this type of tournament, with partners especially, no cheating will be tolerated.

Tournament euchre rules will be handed out before the beginning of play (no cross-boarding, reneging, etc..) and each table will enforce them. If any rule clarification is needed please find an organizer and they will assist.

The Food:

• As is tradition, I (Gary) will be making my moderately acceptable chili so we have something hearty to keep our strength up during the hours of competition.

• I will also bring the "Full Bar" so we can enjoy a social cocktail or two and either toast to our success or drown our sorrows.

• All participants should bring a beverage of their own choosing and a dish to pass so we have some food / snack variety. If someone (Guido) would be willing to bring some chili "fixin's" that would be great.

Honoring your RSVP:

This is a PARTNERS tournament, you are responsible for bringing your partner. If we can't fine enough teams we will open it up to singles and we will pair you up at the beginning. If your partner doesn't show and I can't find you a single... you forfeit. You must list who your partner is when you sign up in the comments section.