Past Meetup

El Moro/Laguna Coast via Ridge Park (Intermediate/Advanced)

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Come out and ride El Moro with us this Saturday morning. This ride is for intermediate/advanced riders (not newbies) and up. I am not exactly sure on mileage or elevation gain but due to all the climbing and two technical descents. I would guess 10+ miles and 1500'+ of climbing.

We will be meeting at 7:15AM at the end of the Cul De Sac on Ridge Park Road and E.Coastal Peak (Next to park) will roll out at 7:30AM. My intended route will be:

Bommer Ridge to Redtail Ridge down Rattlesnake (technical downhill single track) to West Cut Across "a.k.a Mach 1" up East Cut across "a.k.a I think I can" continue up Moro Ridge and down Old Emerald Falls (technical downhill single track) up Emerald Canyon Road to Bommer Ridge to Missing Link to Fenceline and back to the cars.

The group will determine the pace and we will take our time to make sure everyone is having a fun and safe ride. Please be sure to come prepared with plenty of water, on the trail energy bars or food and all your basic safety equipment including extra tubes, pump, quick links, etc.

Doing the ride early will hopefully cover up the sun for a little while. Hope to see some people, old and new, come out and ride with us. Any questions about this ride please contact me through the meetup site.

If you sign up please check site before you head out the door to make sure no changes have been made.