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What we're about

For whom is the group?

For those who are not attached to popular Christian doctrines or what their minds have always thought is indisputable fact.

For those who are ready to experience God directly, and not just by believing their understanding of the words of others.

For those willing to challenge their own beliefs and traditions, digging to the core and looking beyond all those forms to the Source of Life.

What is the purpose of the group?

We aren't here to argue doctrine or to separate from others who see things differently. Instead, we are here to Love one another, and to experience Life with Presence rather than through the filter of the fallen human mind.

Where, when, and how does the group meet?

We meet in the virtual world called Second Life every Sunday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time, 11:00 AM Pacific Time. You can access this location for free with a free Second Life account, by entering the web-based version without an account, or by simply listening in at http://almcyberchurch.org .

We also will be meeting once or twice per month to fellowship and discuss any of the topics from the virtual services in a location close to Paducah, KY. Join the group to receive announcements of physical-world meetings.

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