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'All Love' meditation and healing group session this Wednesday

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All Love 12/22/10 - Wednesday Gathering in Rockville 8pm $20 pay at the door.
This Wednesday gathering we learn about All Love led by Sherry Tuegel.
Take a few hours out of the busy holiday rush to ignite and get deeply connected to Divine heart energy. All Love is a direct initiation experience brought out into the world by Patrick Zeigler. All Love, formally called Seichim, Sehkem and SKHM (pronounced saa-kem or saa-keem), came into being after Patrick received his direct initiation in the great pyramid at Giza in 1980. Here is how he describes the work now on his website:

“All-Love is the way of healing with the heart. Many of the rituals and techniques that were used in the past that caused separation are no longer relevant now. Through All-Love the initiations flow without any set rituals, all we need is love. Where there is Love, All is possible, without Love we feel our separation from Source. Our Spiritual Heart is at the core of our being and where the soul connects to our Emotional and Physical bodies. All-Love is the experience of the One Heart that connects us to the ‘All’ of creation. It is through the Divine Quickening of All-Love that we come to Love all the aspects of who we are and come into a state of re-union, not just with ourselves, but also with all of creation.”

Students and clients report that the energy can be profoundly moving causing an intense emotional release of past pain or blocked joy and laughter. It can also open a deep stillness and pervasive peace. A direct initiation, or Divine Quickening, has been described as a full body/aura heart orgasm. I can tell you I have never experienced anything more powerful and more transformative than the All Love Initiation. If you know a little about me you know I like the big experience and the big Os! :O) I hope you will come out and drop into the heart for an evening of Love and Bliss! For more information on All Love SKHM please see my All Love page on my website at and see Patrick Zeigler’s websites:
Love and Blessings,
Sherry Tuegel
Transformational Teacher and Facilitator

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