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Phone conference call about the benefits of alkaline water

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A number of people have asked for information on alkaline water, and how it can benefit health and wellness. As a prelude to an actual informational meeting about alkaline water, I thought I would set up this phone Meeting so people can get enough informatin to see if they would be interested in a live Meeting to go into more details on alkaline water and benefits.

While important for many reasons, for athletes, alkaline water can be extremely useful for hydration and recovery. Vollara has alkaline water machines in the camp of most every major league baseball team. On this phone call, hear from Frank Velasquez, former strength & conditioning coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates, on this very informative LivingWater Call.

Put this on your calendar now for tonight!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. Texas time

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Listener Code:[masked]# (VOLLARA#)

Know anyone who likes Sports, Energy, Health, or Income???
Get them on this call so they can hear Frank!

This informative call will probably last about an hour.

Vollara has the best performing alkaline water machine on the market at the lowest cost. For more information about the machine and technology, go to:

This website includes detailed information on alkaline water technology, videos, and important reference materials on how it relates to health and wellness.

If anyone would like to see a machine and/or a live demonstration about alkaline water, please respond to Ralph and we can set up a more formal meeting for the group or individual. For additional information, and information about the business, contact the organizer, Ralph.

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