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Relase the Magic within You: A Hypnotic & Vortex Healing® Guided Journey

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A Hypnotic & Vortex Healing® Journey

1st Thursday of each month

7-9 PM(ending time may vary)

$25 pre-pay@web/ ($35@door

Do you feel stuck emotional, energetically, mentally or spiritually?

Are you ready to:

let go of old thoughts, habits and beliefs

release blocked karma and energy

open gateways of mind and spirit

remove limitations

set new, more powerful intentions

heal emotional scars

and begin to achieve your most heartfelt desires.

First timers, and experienced Journeyers, Come, Participate, Explore & Transform!

Give yourself this gift of healing and change.

Both, Simon & I have experienced a lot of different healing modalities over the years, each wonderful in their own right. And we began to experiment with the simple question of what if would happen if we combine our 2 most powerful modalities of Hypnosis/Guided Meditation and Vortex Healing® together.

That simple question and experiment, has proven fascinating. The results powerful and getting better.

These 2 healing modalities are extremely complementary of each other.

Hypnosis/Guided Mediation helps the body relax, more deeply, more easily, and become more receptive to the energies being channeled. And words have their own power, their own energies, and help the mind and body align with the healing energies.

Vortex Healing® channels both strong and subtle energies and Divine Consciousness to help people clear old blockages, to release, to heal and even create new realities. Vortex Healing® has many different frequencies and protocols to create deep change.

As Simon & I blend these energies during each round, we find an amazing synergy.

Imagine releasing the mental and energetic blocks that disconnect you from yourself and from the divine in times of stress and crisis.

Imagine the energies inspire the words, and the words can guide the energies.

Imagine the dance between these elements each time going deeper, and deeper helping you get more and more change.

Imagine feeling new hope, new ideas and re-energized.


This evening's topic is: Release the Magic Within You

You are a magical creature. You have powers and abilities you have not fully tapped.

You've dreamed an amazing you, and perhaps on occasion that powerful version of you has even stepped out from behind the current.

Tonight, let's explore getting rid of some of the limitations, doubts, beliefs, karmic or energetic blocks that prevent you from becoming your most wondrous and magical self. Tap the power of your unconscious, of Merlin, Divine Consciousness, the Universe and more

Join us!


TItle of Class:
A Hypnotic & Vortex Healing® Guided Journey

Description of Class:
An experiential evening combining guided meditation (hypnosis) & Vortex Healing® to help create create in your life.

Duration: 2 hours (may run longer)

What to Expect:
We create a safe and comfortable space, and take the time to answer any questions you might have. Typically, there are 2-3 rounds of guided meditation and Vortex Healing® combined. In each round, Simon and Joel work together. Joel guides the meditation with words, creating trance. And Simon channels the Vortex Healing® energies. And trance, words and energies blend together going deeper into mind, body, energy and soul to create more profound effects.

Who is this class for?
This class is for anyone who is curious about experiencing hypnosis, energywork and wants to make change in their life.

Whats required for this class?
Nothing is required for the class, just bring yourself, an openness to new experience and the possibility of change.


See Full Event Description ( and answer questions:

Joel Elfman’s website ( and Hypnosis & NLP FAQs (

Simon Deacon’s website ( and more info about Vortex Healing (


$25 pre-pay@web - CLICK HERE (




Simon's Place ( - 114 Christopher St #32, New York, NY

Buzz Apt #32, Simon's wonderful, cozy apartment at the top of 6 flights of stairs

Come share this journey, and we'll blend some suggestions and individual energetic healings directly for your unique goals and needs. We look forward to seeing you.

Joel & Simon


Joel Elfman is Hypnotist, NLP trainer and bodyworker with over 12 years of experience. He helps transform old issues such as stress reduction, social anxiety/confidence and weight loss. Change and create new habits and beliefs for life.

For more about Joel go to his About page (, Manifesto (, FAQs ( or Clinical Research on Hypnosis (

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Simon Deacon is a certified Merlin’s Grace Vortex Healer®. Merlin’s Grace certification is the most powerful level of Vortex Healing® you can be on. And Simon is one of only 200 people in the world whom currently hold this certification. He has a healing practice in the West Village and has been practicing for 11 years.

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$25 pre-pay@web - CLICK HERE (



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