Deepening Of Joy – A Group VortexHealing®

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My VortexHealing teacher Lorraine Goldbloom said it best - “Joy is the acknowledgement of Grace that exists all around you.”

This sums up the intent I wish to set with this next wonderful group healing.

Joy is more than a mood. More than just a happy moment. Joy is a mindset, a state of Being that allows us to tap into the very reaches of our soul to acknowledge the Grace that manifests in our lives on a daily basis. We may at times not be able to grasp this joy. Our usual mental, emotional, and psychological blocks will usually get in the way. It creates a reality where we are mostly lost searching is desperation for that spark of joy that so eludes us.

In this group healing I will be channeling the essence of Magical Divine Consciousness to heal and transform the many levels of negative conditioning that will bring us back to into the the roots of our soul where Joy resides.

My level of certification can heal up to 30 people at once.

During the group healing I will introduce the many different healing frequencies to your system starting with: deep relaxation, energizing, healing structures, then the very profound core healing. The core healing will include the release of very powerful levels of negative conditioning from the VortexHealing® protocol as well as a karmic healing that afterwards will bring powerful transformation and healing acceleration in one’s inner and outer reality.

VortexHealing® is an energy therapy modality that works with divine healing energy and a deeper essence of magical divine consciousness that is channeled through my being into the client. When this happens an expression of multi-dimensional healing occurs that becomes literally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and even karmically transformational. When you receive a healing you receive from a multitude of energetic and divine frequencies simultaneously.

There are many levels to our consciousness, some containing the deepest and hardest to reach levels of negative conditioning and karma. VortexHealing® reaches all these levels.

My Certification level is MI (Manifesting Intention the most powerful levels of the Vortex Healing®. I have been practicing in the West Village for 15 years.

VortexHealing® can be done at a distance so it is possible for you to include yourself in the group healing at a distance.

Admission - $35

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Simon Deacon

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