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The foremost purpose of The north Texas Alternative Energy Meetup Group is to bring together individuals seeking better, cleaner, more economical energy methods and technical experts working in the field of solar, wind, water, geothermal and other renewable sources to gain and apply knowledge. Any individual who has family or friends who live and breath air, those who live in a home, apartment, condo or townhouse as well as those who own vehicles or any other energy powered machinery would be well served to visit our meetups. The advantages of group interaction are: 1. People have many different ideas and solutions to energy sources and our group explores them all. 2. Learning about the great products and services from qualified installers and vendors will help make decisions easier and create less anxiety. 3. Our group is a great networking forum that is beneficial to anyone wishing to meet like minded people involved in a variety of occupations and careers. 4. Our members also find and enjoy the meetup venues which include restaurants, colleges, parks, science museums and visits to energy product manufacturers and green buildings. Please join us!

Please No Politics! Sustainability and transition are larger than, and reach across, all political parties. Please leave politics at home.

Please no promotions of products, classes, meetups, consultations or other without permission. Learning to live sustainability should be FREE when possible so this planet knows how to change.

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Build solar cookers
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I'm not an engineering guru, but I think my skills can stretch to building a solar oven. Would anyone else be interested in doing a building workshop for solar cookers? I have a recipe for slow-baked brownies that I'd like to try out!

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