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The focus of our community is on developing and hacking the latest technology using JavaScript, Python, IoT, and LittleBits in order to create and enjoy a better way of life through technology.

AmRobotics (http://www.meetup.com/nodebotsdfw/) will share information on (and host) several local Maker Faire & Hackathon events. Although group presentations and discussions are encouraged, our approach will be predominately ’hands on’.

Suggestions encouraged and ALL SKILL LEVELS welcome!

Check out the links below for more info on the international community and sponsors.

International Communities:

International NodeBots Day (https://github.com/nodebots/nodebotsday)

NodeBots (http://nodebots.io/)

PyCon (http://www.pycon.org/)

Arduino Day (https://day.arduino.cc/#/)

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Intelligent Home Security with NVIDIA Jetson and Microsoft Azure

Paul DeCarlo demonstrates an Intelligent Home Security System built using the Jetson Xavier NX with Azure IoT Edge and the DeepStream SDK module. The project employs a custom object detection model built with Custom Vision.AI that has been trained with images captured on-site using the IoT Edge CameraTaggingModule. Object detection telemetry is pushed into Azure Time Series Insights and PowerBI to allow for analyzing these detections over time and in near real-time. This allows for an end-to-end custom Intelligent Video Application that could be modified to adapt to a variety of scenarios. Steps to reproduce this project are coming as part of July-O-T, more details will be available later at http://aka.ms/julyiot

Developing your inner Spidey Sense : Anomaly Detection for apps [CROSSPOST]

Welcome! We'll be hosting an online-only Meetup in July. Anomaly detection is the process of identifying unexpected items or events in data set. It’s about detecting the deviation from the expected pattern of a dataset. It’s like having “spidey senses” for your apps that can detect when there’s danger or something is not right. Attend this session and learn about using anomaly detection in ML.NET, Azure Stream Analytics and Cognitive Services API; become a superhero and save the day. Featured Expert: Ron Dagdag, Sr. Software Developer/AI Edge Engineer at Spacee Join us for this free event!

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Workshop: Intro to Google Cloud IoT

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