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What we're about

This Meet-Up is for ANY lyric subject
(From Gospel to Hate) this Group is about getting your words

in a lyric format to flow with a rhythm, and tell a story in a short time.

This Group is Limited to 20 members.

($10/mo. Membership, Cancel Anytime, free trial).

(Vacancies available when a member leaves)

What To Expect In This Group:

"LIVE" MEET-UP (Twice a Month):

Jaxsn Music Manchester, CT 860-724-7448

• Live Workshop Lessons Taught by McAuthor Jackson.

• Perform, Support, and Learn in Front of Each Other For Suggestions and Personal Feedback.

• Learn Exercises and Techniques to Write Deeper with a Writing Partner.

• Your Lyrics Can Be Suggested and Sold to Jaxsn Music Studio Artist in Need of Lyrics (If You Desire).

• McAuthor Jackson Will Choose a Lyric to Put to a Recorded Song/Poetry In Your Choice of Genre.

• Random Topic to Write About to a Music Rhythm Provided by McAuthor Jackson.

• Unique Homework, Prizes, and More.


• Connect with other Lyricist.

• 2 Lyric Writing Encouragement Video, per Month.

• McAuthor Jackson's Lyric Samples

Hosted By McAuthor Jackson of Jaxsn Music

Who Has Written Many Lyrics Over 20 Years in Various Music Genres.

Don't Pass on This Meet-Up

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