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Our signature programs gather together interesting guest experts to educate, inform, inspire and celebrate the creative potentials of women. Each session also provides an environment for networking and connections where you’ll meet and make new friends.

To answer the need for education and training, AMAZING WOMAN NATION is committed to providing an ever-growing collection of curriculum to bring women together for an accelerated learning experience, ranging from lifestyle development to the design of exclusive brands.


"The connection that takes place at each CONVERSATIONS WITH AMAZING WOMAN session is like nothing I've ever experienced! Creative ideas, new perspective and inspiration all rolled up into one fabulous evening. I love it!" Dawneen, South Pasadena

"I'm amazed at how Respectful & Appreciative women can be towards one another, the days of envy are over for me, in this group of Strong Spirited Women, I find Solace, I can Rest & I can be Human, I feel Supported & Loved & I Can Rise at any given moment, We are here Giving & Receiving the help we need to Succeed." Emma, Montrose, CA

"I'm so high from last night! It was such a great night on all fronts. The people, the energy, everyone involved. Such beautiful energy in every way! Thank you! Xoxo" Mindy, Pasadena, CA

"Thank each of you for hearing my heart call for you. Thank you for being present and reflecting & resonating that which I desire to be." Victoria, Los Angeles, CA

"It was truly a fabulous evening! I'm looking forwards to doing it again. Thank you for your priceless time, experiences & guidance!" Tracey, Monrovia, CA

"So glad I was able to attend tonight. Thank you for holding the space that you so generously do for women, Marsh. What a great night!" Wendy, Los Angeles, CA

"Fantastic night. Thank you, for bringing us together and raising our consciousness." Jennifer, Pasadena

"So wonderful to be part of this powerful sisterhood tribe. I'm grateful for spirit leading me here. Rising stronger together!" Cynthia, Pasadena

"Such an amazing event! See you next month!" Issabella, Montrose

"It was such a amazingly magical night... I'm so happy to now be apart of this wonderful group! I'm looking forward to next month!" Laryssa, Montrose

"Just being in a room filled with such amazing women is empowering. Provides strength, love and courage to be more of me! While I love the interviews and interaction, it's really good enough just to sit in the energies!" Dr. Teresa, Monrovia

"A magical evening!" Linda, Pasadena

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