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AWS + Druid: Analytics at Scale / Multi-account access using CodeCommit

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AWS + Druid:  Analytics at Scale / Multi-account access using CodeCommit


Remember the Good ol' days of in person AWS Meetups?
Well...They're BACK!
zoom is provided for those who cannot attend in person...(see below)

Social time, food & drink will begin at 6:30pm PST
The meetup will come to order at 7
We'll welcome everyone and make introductions with the Imply team.
Then Sergio will begin his presentation by 7:20.

Druid and AWS: Real-time Analytics at Scale

How do you build and operate systems on AWS that can ingest millions of events per second, store petabytes of historical data, and run thousands of queries per second, all at subsecond response times? It’s not easy: you need to deal with

  • workloads that mix datasets of different sizes and change rates
  • the need for quality of service
  • managing fluctuating performance across fleets of servers
  • making every query highly efficient with minimal CPU time
  • keeping costs under control

But it can be done! Join us to see real-world deployment patterns removing the mystery of how to build and deploy high-performance real-time analytics solutions using AWS.


  • How Apache Druid delivers high-performance for interactive data conversations with high concurrency and low latency, for both streaming and batch data
  • How to build and operate systems that can ingest millions of events, store petabytes of historical data, and run thousands of concurrent queries
  • How to leverage AWS technologies to build, deploy, and operate real-time analytics

Speaker bio:

Sergio Ferragut is a database veteran turned Developer Advocate at Imply. His experience includes 16 years at Teradata in professional services and engineering roles. He has direct experience in building analytics applications spanning the retail, supply chain, pricing optimization and IoT spaces. Sergio has worked at multiple technology start-ups including APL and Splice Machine where he helped guide product design and field messaging.

zoom option for those unable to attend in person:
Multi origin CodeCommit and tools
As a developer working in a large enterprise or for a group that supports multiple products, you may often find yourself accessing Git repositories from different organizations. Currently, to securely access multiple Git repositories in other popular tools, you need SSH keys, GPG keys, a Git credential helper, and a significant amount of setup by the developer hoping to commit to the repository. In addition, administrators must be aware of the various ways to remove all the permissions granted to the developer.
AWS CodeCommit is a managed source control service. Combined with AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO) and git-remote-codecommit, you can quickly and easily switch between repositories owned by different groups or even managed in separate AWS accounts. You can control those permissions with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to allow for the automated removal of the user’s permission as part of their off-boarding procedure for the company.
This post demonstrates how to grant access to various CodeCommit repositories without access keys.

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