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We all know that relationships -- no matter how short or how long they are -- go through periods of highs and lows, excitement and dullness, intimacy and disconnection.

These are all natural parts of life and may be attributed to different factors.

For couples, the so-called honeymoon phase might have already cooled off. You might have been preoccupied keeping house, juggling jobs or taking care of the kids that you unintentionally created a disconnect in your relationship. As relationships or partnerships mature, we often find ourselves focusing on our life goals, we eventually end up forgetting that our love life matters also.

For singles, it could be that you've lost the desire to date again after going through a bad breakup. Maybe, you just haven't found that someone that you click with. Or maybe, you've been too busy at work to even spare a few hours on a weekend to socialize, flirt and have fun!

No matter how tough it gets, know that there is an art to reigniting one's love life!

If you would like to...

• Keep your love life HOT;

• Get the spark back in your relationship;

• Rekindle physical and emotional intimacy;

• Discover how to attract the one that's attracted to you and vice versa;

• Learn valuable skills that will help you find the RIGHT ONE;

• Uncover the secrets to developing the kind of romantic relationship that gets hotter and hotter over time...

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We are a San Francisco based organization dedicated to bringing sexy people together to learn about everything from cultivating Presence in relationship, to the stages of relationship to sex skills including Extended Orgasm.

For over 25 years Erwan and Alicia, who joined Erwan in 2003, have been working successfully with singles and couples, teaching their signature process – the Davon Method to hundreds of students in groups, retreats, and individual sessions and helping them create the relationships of their dreams.

Erwan and Alicia have a unique approach to relationship coaching that combines their educational backgrounds in psychology and sexuality and aspects of Zen Buddhism to provide a holistic method to effectively improve connection with the self and others.

Erwan studied psychology after a difficult childhood and an early introduction to therapeutic work. He went on to live and study in a Zen Monastery, direct a yoga ashram, and began teaching personal development at one of the world’s largest personal grown organizations. Erwan’s passion for helping and teaching people led him to found Erwan Davon Teachings in 1995, specifically to help people improve their relationships.

Alicia Davon holds a Master’s degree in Integral Psychology with a focus on women’s romantic and sensual expression. She trained as a therapist before meeting Erwan and led numerous women’s groups devoted to female pleasure and life fulfillment from career to relationship. She met Erwan 15 years ago and started teaching with him soon after.

Together, Erwan and Alicia developed The Pleasure Course and several other programs, which have helped thousands achieve their ideal love lives. They provide a safe place to explore psychological inquiry, pleasure, and sexuality.

They have spent years perfecting their curriculum and techniques and are excited to share their expertise with newcomers so they can help improve chemistry, connection, communication, and passion in others’ lives!

We look forward to the pleasure of your company!




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