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This is a group for anyone interested in learning modern ninjutsu- a very practical martial art that teaches everything from self defense to tracking and survival skills. No previous experience is necessary and all are welcome to our introductory class!

Fields of Study
Seishin teki kyōyō – ways of spiritual refinement

Bō-ryaku – combat strategy and de-escalation techniques

Chōhō – intelligence gathering

Hensōjutsu – the art of disguise and impersonation

Intonjutsu – concealment, escape and evasion skills

Shinobi-iri – stealth and infiltration techniques

Chi-mon – the study of the earth (geography, tracking skills)

Tenmon – the study of celestial objects (navigation)

Hōjustu - firearms training

Bikenjutsu – the art of the sword

Kyujutsu- archeryJutte-jutsu- truncheon weapon techniques

Kusarigamajutsu – kusarigama (chain-sickle) techniques

Jōjutsu – stick and staff techniques

Shurikenjutsu – throwing weapons techniques

Sui-ren – water training

Tanto-jutsu- knife and bladed weapon skills

Taiho-jutsu- non violent arresting arts

Taijutsu – unarmed fighting skills which include:

Jūtaijutsu- grappling arts which include

Dakentaijutsu- striking arts which include

Koppō-jutsu - bone breaking techniques

Kosshi-jutsu- pressure point and meridian theory techniques

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Urban Self Defense - The Art Of Escape

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Most self defense classes focus on techniques that are far too complex for the average man or woman to realistically perform under stress, or techniques that could bring about your incarceration under current New York City laws. Realistically your best defense is ALWAYS to to get away from your attacker, and this class focuses on practical escape techniques that have been tested time and time again in real life situations, and can be used by anyone, regardless of age, fitness level or gender to break away and increase their chances of surviving a violent encounter. About Us: Amegakurekan is a school of modern ninjutsu with a strong community outreach mission. In addition to ongoing weekly classes for students, we host urban self defense workshops that are open to the public. These workshops focus on tried and tested real world solutions that anyone can employ without years of training to reduce their likelihood of injury during a violent event. Topics Covered: Overcoming The Freeze & Follow Response Deception Based Escape & Evasion Techniques Dealing With More Than One Attacker Counterattacks Against Armed/Unarmed Opponents The Aftermath: Truly Surviving The Experience All from the same ninjutsu based curriculum that has been taught to doctors, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists working with violent and mentally ill individuals in some of the major New York city hospitals. Everything you will learn has been tried and tested in the real world and you will be taught by teachers with decades of experience. Our job will be helping to arm you with the tools you can use to increase your likelihood of surviving a violent encounter with the hopes that you never have to use them! There is no cost for the class, only a suggested donation of whatever you decide to help cover the cost of the venue, and while classes are oriented towards beginners, all are welcome. We are looking forward to meeting you and come in casual wear ready to work!

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Urban Self Defense - Surviving Armed Abduction

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