Past Meetup

Friday evening Meetup at the Kammerspiele at 20:00


Hi everyone,

On Friday 4 January 2013, the E-Tisch will head to the Kammerspiele for more English speaking fun. :-)

Curious? Here are the details:

Time: Saturday evening 4 January 2013 starting at 20:00.

Place: Hamburger Kammerspiele, Hartungstrasse 9-11 (Univiertel)

Subway ways: U-Bahn Hallerstraße, Hallerstraße or Hallerstraße. (Please just choose Hallerstraße. Or take mega-bus 15, 5 or 4.)

Price of admission: Zero Euros. (No student discounts available.)

Attendance: Between 25 and 150 people. This time probably 60 or so ... but who knows?

Many “Grüße”,
Chapin, Tom, Tim, Steffy, Sylvia, Canadian Bob, and David (and lots of international E-Tisch-people!)


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