• Friday Pub Crawl

    Little Green Door

    Friday Pub Crawl 7 pm: We'll start at The Little Green Door on Gammel Strand less than 100 meters from the new Metro Station. They have 2/1 happy hour until 8, but you'll want to use the Nightpay app which makes it even cheaper at 66% off the regular price. With Nightpay, you deposit 100 kr. and then have 300 kr. to spend on regular price drinks until midnight at all Nightpay bars (there are a lot.) For example, at happy hour, a 100 dkk cocktail at The Little Green Door costs 50 dkk, but if you pay by Nightpay, it's only costing you 34 dkk. Plus, happy hour ends at 8, but you can use Nightpay until midnight. https://www.nightpay.com/faq You can also use Nightpay on beer, so that 50 dkk beer at The Little Green Door costs you just 16.67 dkk with Nightpay. At 8 pm we'll walk along the canal to Zefside which has a very popular Friday bar with 2/1 until 10 pm. If you couldn't make it in time for The Little Green Door, you're welcome to join us at Zefside. Unfortunately Zefside is not part of Nightpay, but it's worth a visit for the crowd, the friendly bartenders, and the quality drinks (best mojitos in town ;-) From Zefside we'll go to other Nightpay bars of the group's choice. There are a lot to choose from, with 7 NIghtpay bars on Gothersgade alone such as Stereo Bar, Da Vinci, and Rabaldar.

  • Copenhagen English Stand Up Comedy Club Great October Show!

    The Dubliner Downtown

    Join Meetup for Copenhagen English Comedy Night at Dubliner, on Thurs, Oct 10 with more pro comics! SAY "MEETUP" AT THE DOOR TO PAY 90kr, CASH ONLY, this saves you 40kr on the door price and say you are there with MEETUP and enjoy a discount on drink prices! Come and enjoy some great laughs at the cozy Dubliner Downtown venue. This show welcomes headline acts Ian Coppinger (Ireland) and Daniel Muggleton (Australia). + MC host Adrian MacKinder (UK) guiding you though the evening. When, Thurs, Oct 10, 20.00. (the show is very popular so come by 19.30 for best chance to get a seat with the big Meetup area reserved.) The entire show is in English. Presented by InternationalComedians.com and Meetup! About our very funny comedians at this show; Ian Coppinger (Ireland) One of Ireland’s busiest comedians Ian is a regular on the world comedy circuit having played to packed houses at the Edinburgh, Melbourne, Montreal Just for Laughs, Galway, Electric Picnic, Glasgow, Dublin, Adelaide and Wellington comedy festivals. A regular on all the major stages in Ireland and the UK. Ian has also appeared as a support act for Ardal O’Hanlon on his UK tour and Pat Shortt on his Irish tour, including 7 sell out weeks in Dublin’s Vicar Street. Ian has also appeared on The Panel Live tour. A noted improviser, Ian is a co-founder of The Dublin Comedy Improv (1992), where he still performs every Monday night in Dublin’s International Bar, which is Ireland’s second-longest running comedy club. DanielMuggleton (Australia) Australian comedian Daniel Muggleton’s blunt and honest stand-up is a breath of fresh air for audiences. Despite sold-out shows at festivals worldwide, being the first Australian to be produced by Grammy-award winning U.S. label Comedy Dynamics and a couple of appearances on TV (The Feed, The Checkout) – he still breathes through his mouth. ‘His observations stay just this side of affectionate’ (BroadwayBaby.com). 'A show of nonstop of laughs' (ThePlusOnes.com). Looking forward to see you all at this great show!

  • Sharing Is Caring! FREE Pizza, wine and Beer!

    Khora Virtual Reality

    This is the day where we get to give back and treat you all with loads of burning hot sourdough pizza, delicious wine while you can enjoy live jazz during the day and top DJs into the night! Join us again this year and let's make more memories and have a blast! We can't wait! Free wine, Pizza And beer from 6pm at mother restaurant! Please note the meeting point and meeting time. i know from experience that there will be queues for the free drinks and pizza hence the meeting time a half hour before the event starts. The meeting point is directly across from the restaurant so we can be sure to find each other but the event itself will take place at Mothers restaurant. I will wait until 17.45 in front of the meeting point then queue up for Pizza and drinks. the queue does not get shorter as the evening draws on!

  • Copenhagen English Stand Up Comedy Night Season Premier!Lots Of Laughs assured!

    SAY "MEETUP" AT THE DOOR TO PAY 90kr, CASH ONLY, this saves you 40kr on the door price! Meetup has special reserved tables with great seats for the meetup groups Come and enjoy some great laughs at the cozy Dubliner Downtown venue. This is the longest running and best English language comedy club in Copenhagen! This show welcomes headline acts John Lynn (Ireland), Radu Isac (Romania), and Will Mars (UK). The show is very popular so come by 19.30 for best chance to get a seat with the big Meetup area reserved.) The entire show is in English. Presented by InternationalComedians.com AND Meetup! About the comedians in this show; John Lynn (Ireland) John's television credits include The Liffey Laugh (RTE), One Night Stand (BBC), Stand and Deliver (RTE), Republic of Telly (RTE), Podge and Rodge (RTE), The Apprentice: Your Fired (TV3) and The Craig Doyle Show (RTE ONE). He also co-starred with Tommy Tiernan in the Third Policeman’s Ball, a tribute to Flann O’Brien. He has performed at the prestigious invite only Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, while being a regular at the Kilkenny Cat Laughs and Iveagh Gardens Comedy Carnival. In 2012 and 2013 he was invited to join Tom Stade as a special guest on his nationwide UK tours playing to packed houses across the UK. He is a headliner for all of the major UK clubs, the Laugh Factory tours of the middle east and the Punchline tours of China, Hong Kong and Japan. Will Mars (UK) Brilliantly self-deprecating stand-up, Will Mars, is fast making a name for himself as a down-at-heel, yet lovable international star. Whilst living in New York for the past few years, the English Comedian of The Year Finalist, has earned notoriety from his peers and audiences alike in both live comedy clubs as well as on air where he made his TV debut on Fox’s Showtime at The Apollo. In 2018 he returned to U.S. television on Season 8 of NBC Comcast's knockout television show, Trial By Laughter, winning a place in the series final! ★★★★ "A remarkable talent ... A comic tour de force” EdFringe Review (U.K.), ★★★★ "As a storyteller he is a joy to experience" Mumble Comedy (U.K.), ★★★★ " A unique and witty perspective on thoughts that many have but rarely articulate" Adelaide Advertiser (Australia), Top 50 Best One-Liners from the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 The Scotsman (U.K.) Radu Isac (Romania) Radu has been a professional comedian in Romania ever since he was old enough to quit collage. For 9 years he was known as Romanian's comedians comedian by the 20 comics in the country In 2015 he moved to London and in 2017 made it to the final of the English Comedian of the Year competition. As Chortle put it, his comedy is 'simultaneously sweet and dark', "cynical and tricksy.", "sharp and quirky comic mind", "playful, idiosyncratic comedy.", "new perspective on recognisable scenarios" - Chortle. Credits include: COMEDY CENTRAL’S EXTRA – “STAND UP EXPRESS” 2014, BBC WORLD SERVICE – “WHAT MAKES THE WORLD LAUGH” 2016, BBC RADIO 4 – “FRESH FROM THE FRINGE” 2017, BBC WORLD SERVICE – “THE ARTS HOUR” 2017 Look forward to see you all! Remeber to arrive early to get a good seat at the meetup tables

  • FREE! Art Gallery Exibition Opening Reception With Jazz Music, Drinks N More!

    Dear friends, we invite you to: OPENING RECEPTION FRIDAY AUGUST 23 FROM 4-7 PM THIERRY FEUZ 'INSTANT KARMA' Gallery Christoffer Egelund is proud to present the exhibition Instant Karma, the gallery´s fourth solo show with the Swiss / Austrian artist Thierry Feuz. « Instant Karma » - About the paintings of Thierry Feuz A Jazz band that includes a member of my meetup groups will be playing! What stands out immediately when looking at the work of artist Thierry Feuz is the deeply esthetic dimension of his oeuvre. The compositions are visibly balanced, the colors bursting with life, and the patterns pleasing, but let us make no mistake—the worlds created here are not purely ornamental. The exhibition’s title, Instant Karma, is almost a oxymoron, and already seems to settle these pieces into an ambivalence between the fleeting instant and the long road, while the titles of the individual works, taken from several different languages, are equally enigmatic and instead of offering any explicit interpretations, they further broaden the mystery. As observers, we quickly understand we must step outside our pre-existing categories to correctly grasp the abundance of the artist’s work. And this is exactly what seems to be on offer in his paintings: a path into other dimensions. In particular, the flowers: set out on abstract backgrounds devoid of any naturalism, some rise up with joy while others bend or appear just about to droop, leaving one to guess at the strange powers working behind such enthusiasm. Yes, the works represent this fresh opening outward and yet both decrepitude and mutation hover somewhere nearby, as if the artist captured his subject in a transitory state. We see it quickly—just behind these colors with their overflow of life is the darker counterpoint of effacement and death. And so the works draw us in with their bright colors, their virtuosic precision of shape and line, with the perfection of their composition, like a captatio benevolentiae, only to then enthrall and hold us like a carnivorous plant. The initial seduction gives way to a more metaphysical query in which all seems to become relative: the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms are freed from all scale and hierarchy. Flowers, jellyfish, and amoebas dance about in a peaceful cosmos, enabling us to simultaneously experience the miniscule and the infinite. Sometimes indistinct, they become a hybrid, as known shapes lead us gently toward those that are unknown. They pull us from our ruled and regulated universe, enabling us to understand existence with novel—freer and more intimate—criteria. Thierry Feuz’s sumptuous works thus offer the viewer two simultaneous and exceptional experiences: a kind of idealized galaxy and one’s own inner world. Far from any trace of naivety or innocence, the paradise represented in these works by Thierry Feuz, worthy heir to Rothko and Kandinsky, is a vibrant, vertiginous, and spiritual landscape, a magnificent voyage through our own soul. And although his paintings contain no humans, the viewer steps with delight into this world which provides an intimate encounter with the beauty of all that is fleeting and ephemeral, inviting us to fully taste the current moment.

  • Beer Festival N Culture In Roskilde! Free Entry To Beer Festival.Tastes 20Kr

    I call this beer festival and culture in roskilde because if some of you want to we can visit the 1000 year old Roskilde Cathedral where many of the kings and queens of Denmark are laid to rest. it is a beautiful cathedral by the way. The beer festival is in Roskilde folkeParken which is a short walk from the roskilde cathedral. At this beer festival there will be many Danish micro breweries represented with many beers to taste that cannot be bought in Danish shops. this is a great chance to taste lots of great tasting micro brewery beers for only 20Kr a taste or 40kr for a half liter beer! and get a bit of culture as well if you want to! hey i used to live in Roskilde so i know the way! You do not have to see the Roskilde cathedral if you do not want to. By the way if you only want to participate in the beer festival you are welcome!

  • Wood Wood Fashion Week Store event with FREE Beers and Pizza!

    What can i say. Get to this store and have some free Beers, Drinks and pizza. look for people speaking English and ask if they are from meetup. everyone is welcome so do not be shy!

  • Experience the 3 hour long OPERA RUSALKA FOR 0KR! YES OPERA FOR FREE!

    Have you ever been to the opera? Does not matter if you have been to the opera or not(which i have not)but what does matter is here is a big 3 hour long opera that we can see for the price of 0kr! I do not know what this opera is about but you can be sure there will be singing and drama. So opera fans here is your chance to experience a opera for free! It will be possible to rent small chairs for a low fee which will probably be a good idea. the opera starts at 18.30 but you can be sure there will be a big crowd which is why we are meeting already at 16.45 and trust me that is not too early! PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIFIC MEETING POINT IN KØDBYEN WHERE THE OPERA EILL BE PERFORMED! WE WILL NOT FIND EACH OTHER IF YOU DO NOT MEETUP AT THE SPECIFIC MEET POINT AND TIME I HAVE POSTED HERE ON THIS EVENT POSTING! Link to more info about the opera in Danish https://operafestival.dk/2019/program/den-store-%C3%A5bning-rusalka?fbclid=IwAR2jvpepc-IhKuAP3ZnTWr39pTzV67KUhQ3KFehCBHGHSGUycSa7GiC0SX0

  • HUGE Womens FOOTBALL world cup Final! U.S.A Vs. Holland! VERY LOW BAR PRICES!

    THIS IS IT! The HUGE womens world cup final! U.S.A Vs. Holland! Bring evryone you know to this viewing event. Personally i support the outspoken U.S team. why? Because the team has basically told Trump they will not accept his invite to the white house if the U.S team wins! As far as i am concerned the U.S Ladies are right on but no matter which team you support or if you just want to view the match with other glad people please fee free to come by. You might look at the happy pigs FB or web page and it might say sunday closed but trust me i have negotiated with them that they will be open for this event and there will be a half price bar meaning half liters of just about any beer from guiness to danish beer for 25 to 27kr and gins and tonic and other mixed drinks for 25kr etc.! SO COME ONE AND ALL! BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND EVRYONE ELSE!

  • Amager Brewery celebrates U.S. independence day with lots of U.S craft beers!

    As has become a tradition at Amager Bryghus we will celebrate "Amarikaner Day" on Saturday July 6th - a day to release the collaboration beers we have made with American brewers during the year. And this time we will be presenting no less than 6 new beers: *Ancient Dinosaurs, 5% Dryhopped Kveik Session IPA Collab w. Half Acre Beer Co, Chicago, Illinois *Black Rituals, 10% Imperial Stout Collab w. Voodoo Brewery, Meadville, Pennsylvania *Demon Juice, 7% Dryhopped Hazy IPA Collab w. Titletown Brewing, Green Bay, Wisconsin *Peg Puff, 5% Pale Lager Collab w. Transient Artisan Ales, Bridgman, Michigan *Sabrotaged, 8% Double Dryhopped Hazy DIPA Collab w. Marz Community Brewing, Chicago, Illinois *Sarah’s Secret, 12% Double Mash Imperial Pastry Stout Collab w. Bearded Iris Brewing, Nashville, Tennessee The bottle sales opens at 10 o'clock. Here you can buy all the new beers, but also everything else we have in stock including gift packs and glasses. Also at 10 the first bar will open, and at[masked] more bars will open and you'll be able to buy a 20 cl sample of the new beers for 20,- kr. Sausage John will be here to sell his dynamic hotdogs – and also meatball sandwiches. He has promised to bring vegan options this year as well. Our popcorn machine will be fired up for the wee ones, and maybe we'll organize some slush ice and cotton candy well. There'll also be water for purchase as well as pop. So in short: children are very welcome as well. To entertain we have - once again - Johnny Horsepower playing – you guessed it – Johnny Cash covers at 12, 1pm an 2 pm. You won’t believe this is Tårnby and not Memphis… At 5 pm the whole thing is over - mind you, this is not Distortion.... Everyone is welcome - no tickets required. But please mark your interest or attendance here https://www.facebook.com/events/669182383520847/ - we'd like to have an idea. Please bring cash! Preferably 10 and 20 kr coins. Bottle sales - as usual - from the warehouse behind Gate 2. All the best from The Amager Boys & girls there will be big American cars and a rock band playing