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What we’re about

This group meets every Tuesday at 12:00pm US Eastern time

*Speaking* English is much different than reading or writing it. If you have questions about American English this is the open place to share, learn, and meet other ESL speakers.

  • We will practice words you choose. I will give you immediate feedback about your pronunciation.
  • All levels and native languages are welcome.
  • You can participate at any level you feel comfortable with. I will not ask you to speak, it is only your choice.

I am the organizer, Dr. Christi Barb . I am a professional speech coach who specializes in foreign-accented English. I will be there to lead, answer questions, and help you build your English pronunciation skills.

I pay the fees to keep this Meetup group going but I've added a way to donate if you feel like saying thank you by sending me a small donation to tip your teacher :-)


How the online Meetup works:
• RSVP if you can attend - then you'll receive the Zoom link. I will only let people into the Zoom if they have RSVP'd.

Add Words you want to practice - There will be a Google spreadsheet we will use during the meeting. It will be open to edit during the Meetup so everyone can type in any words they'd like to learn how to pronounce.

All the previous word lists are in the Google Drive folder:

Review - After each meeting, I will video record myself pronouncing the words we practiced and post it on my YouTube channel. I will post this link in the comments for that day's event.


My other Meetup group is: American English Intonation that meets on Wednesdays at 6:00pm Eastern time. That group focuses on sentence level stress - which words to emphasize, how to emphasize them, make connections between words, and sound changes that help create a more fluent speech pattern. We also practice individual word stress patterns.


Would you like to learn more about Accent Modification? I have a free information course:

A free newsletter with tips for speaking & listening:

A product page with pdf's to download:

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