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Superbowl Party London 2010!

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[i][color=darkblue][b]Paypal is now closed. Please pay at the venue![/b][/color][/i] [color=red][b]Important PAYMENT Note:[/b] £15 is the cost of tickets online and at the door for this event. All £10 pre purchase tickets have now sold out. Plenty of room left for one and all. If any other larger number is displayed, don't panic. It is mearly a glitch in (reflecting the last purchase made). Just continue on and it will allow you to purchase the correct number of tickets you wish to buy[/color] [i][color=darkblue][b]CHANGE OF VENUE (Check above)[/b][/color][/i] [b]Superbowl Party London 2010![/b] [i]Our 8th Annual, [color=red][b]LIVE[/b][/color] Cheerleaders![/i] Come see The New Orleans Saints battle The Indianapolis Colts for The Vince Lombardi Trophy in the 44th Superbowl LIVE from Dolphin Stadium, Miami. This is the best and [i]only[/i] London venue to watch the game in it's entirety. See it all on Eight LARGE Screens! There's going to be pitchers of beer on offer and plenty of great game food; from pizzas, nachos and [color=red][b]LIVE[/b][/color] professional [url=]cheerleaders from this MTV video[/url] doing a specialty choreographed show! Special late licence allows us to watch all the coverage from start till finish. We can be there til 5am if there is sudden death! All eyes will hit the 8 massive screens at 11:00. The Who will be doing the halftime show, Queen Latiffa will be singing "America the Beautiful" and Carrie Underwood wil be singing the national anthem. See Peyton Manning and The Colts go head to head with The Saints and maybe (maybe?) catch Drew Brees sounding off to the [url=]2009 chant[/url]! Book your Monday off now! Plus this event will be with [i]THE[/i] expat American community of London! So enjoy Superbowl Sunday in the company of 900 or so enthusiastic football supporters! Pre pay tickets are £15 via paypal link on the site, or to [masked] on itself. £15 on the door. [i]See you there![/i] [b]Map[/b] [i]Directions[/i] The Zoo Bar is [i]right[/i] in Leicester Sq, at the very heart of central London. Very close to the Burger King corner. See you there! Loads of Tube and Rail 24 hour buses serve here. [i]Venue Entry till 2:00 am, Over 18's only.[/i] [i]Doors open 9:00 pm, coverage starts 10:55 pm[/i] [i][b]The cheerleaders [u]in this video[/u] will be [u]our[/u] cheerleders for Superbowl Sunday![/b][/i] [color=red][b]LIVE[/b][/color] IN HOUSE [b]Our 8th Annual Superbowl London![/b] [i]44th Superbowl LIVE from Dolphin Stadium, Miami[/i] [color=red][b]Early Bird Tickets are available on the Paypal link to your right[/b][/color] [color=navy][i][b](It's ok to RSVP without pre paying)[/b][/i][/color] Last year we had over 1,500 people at our 7th Annual Superbowl London who [url=[masked]]braved the [i]worst[/i] blizzard in over 16 years[/url] to catch Pittsburgh v Arizona in what has been called the greatest ever Superbowl final. They also caught what was not broadcast on UK TV: newly elected President Obama giving the first Superbowl speach by any US President and live music from Journey and Bruce Spingsteen! See it all on Europes LARGEST Screen! Check out [url=]Sky News's coverage of our event[/url]! [i]Our previous venue:[/i] So join 2,000 or so fellow Americans to watch [i]all[/i] the action from pre game shows to the last moments of play; 7:00 pm til 5:00 AM in the morning. We have a special late licence, live in-house cheerleaders and [b][i]all[/i] the commercials[/b] with a live direct broadcast from the U.S.A. And MASSIVE [i]confetti cannons[/i] for every touchdown made! The [i]only[/i] place in London which will have this! Be certain to schedule the next day off!! [color=red][b]RSVP[/b][/color] [i]Today![/i] [b]Shango after Dallas Cowboys[/b] Spoof of [url=]David after Dentist[/url]....One of [url=]many You tube spoofs[/url]! Shango has been on some heavy "substances" since Dallas lost to the Eagles 44-6 [i][b]BEST Superbowl Adverts of 2008 and 2009![/b][/i] [i]Plus the first the world saw of those two creepy kids doing the Cadbury eyebrows dance[/i] [b]"I Saw This Bloke!"[/b]