Superbowl 2020 - Corona Virus Brexit on GroundHog Day: Fitting,"then as farce"


Superbowl 2020 - Corona Virus Brexit on GroundHog Day : Fitting, as this whole "New" Century has a "Then as farce" repeat vibe to it.

Kinda pre WWI

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Ingrid Hunt
17 Jan
Fun Fact:

This year on #GroundhogDay the date will be a palindrome.

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The 2020 Schedule & Travel Guide. As February 2nd approaches each year, Punxsutawney comes alive with special events, celebrations, and fun. Thousands of visitors attend the annual trek to see Punxsutawney Phil reveal his forecast at Gobbler's Knob. ... There are many great events happening this Groundhog Day! The Bucket List ticket is designed ...
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The problem with modern day Groundhog Day is that the animals they are using are basically domesticated. I have a groundhog in my yard, he lives in a hollow tree trunk, observing him or her over the years - he doesn't emerge from his burrow until there is at the least a couple crocus flowers for him to munch on.
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Groundhog Day 2020. Learn More. Punxsutawney, PA. Home of the World Famous- Punxsutawney Phil. Learn More. The Legend Lives On. The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club. Join the club that's been carrying on the Groundhog tradition since 1887. Learn More. Join us at the Knob in 2020.