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Hey Scala people,

We got two great speakers lined up this February: Gerbrand will learn us how to transition to property-based testing and Piero will show us how to build a ray tracer using ZIO.

Generate your test data using Scalacheck’s generators -- Gerbrand van Dieijen

The need for writing automated tests is now well accepted. What about generating your test-data? Most of you may have heard of Property-based-testing, yet, it’s used very rarely, at least in my experience. This session is for people who write unit-tests regularly and want start on property-based testing using Scalacheck.
We’ll start with some classical unit tests for a sample application. First, some of the tests are replaced by TableDrivenProperty test, removing many near duplicate unit-tests. Next, Scalacheck’s generators are used to generate test-data.

Build a ray tracer with ZIO environment -- Pierangelo Cecchetto

This talk focuses on environmental effects, a fundamental part of ZIO, a functional effect library for Scala.
We will use this technique to build a fully testable ray tracer, and we will see how this approach allows us to build, compose and test modular programs.

18:00 Doors open
18:30 Good food & drinks
19:00 Generate your test data using Scalacheck’s generators
20:00 Break
20:15 Build a ray tracer with ZIO environment
21:15 More drinks & Wrapping up

See you all soon!