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How to Boost your Energy in 30 Seconds or Less!
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Angel Marie Monachelli is a Best Selling Author of
SHINE ON!: 52 Secrets for Greater Success and Higher Self-Esteem, and 3 Simple Tips for Raising Your Energy. Founder of the Shine On! Movement™, which is growing like wildfire!

As a Inspirational Speaker she is well known for her energetic presence, engaging exercises, and catchy Shine On! Song. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with Shine, her awesome Australian Cattle Dog. Her entertaining keynotes, retreats, workshops, and private coaching sessions consistently guide people to appreciate diversity, experience greater happiness, discover their personal power, and increase their success.

As a Master Teacher, she teaches self-esteem boosters that instantly expand everyone's sense of self-worth. Learn how to “shine your light” express more creativity, love and courage, trust your intuition, come alive with passion and purpose, and attract happier people and circumstances into your life.

Every day, Angel Marie teaches others what she knows best: Mastering Stress, discovering how to turn your adversity into an asset & ultimately “Go from Stress to Success.” Stress Less Shine More!

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What is a Lightworker? (

A Lightworker is a person driven to do work that makes the world a better place, improves people's lives, and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness. While seeking the truth on their own spiritual journey, they often feel compelled to write, teach, or counsel others. They know that they are here for a higher purpose with a mission to complete, but may not precisely know what that mission is.

Lightworkers often have empathic and/or psychic abilities, which they use for the good of the world. Some suffer from a persistent, sometimes painful ringing in one or both ears. The ringing is thought to be from higher beings communicating directly to the Heart Chakra. Many Lightworkers utilize Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, ( and other spiritual healing techniques to help others heal and grow. We offer education in healing modalities, energy healing sessions, holistic healing resources, metaphysical tools, and metaphysical resources.

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