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Everyone is Intuitive! Everyone has Extra Sensory Perception. Have you been called on the phone or run into a person in your travels, when you "happen" to be thinking of them? Do you want to dream or understand the ones you are having? We are all psychic beings, but may not have taken the time to practice or use this ability. These Meetups delve into practical metaphysics. They are for anyone from beginners to the advanced. It's for those who want to develop their own particular intuitive abilities: inner hearing or clear thoughts (clairaudience), inner seeing (clairvoyance), feeling (healing), and prophecy (trance). People have all four of these, but have a predominate means of psychic perception.

The overall objective of these meetings is having a clear inner sense of what is really going on and what is best to do in your work, with family and friends. Fun and simple ways to buffer yourself from the pressure and stress of the world to stay relaxed and tuned into your psychic abilities.

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Angel Encounter Workshop

London School of Capoeira


Learn to Communicate Directly with your Spirit Guides! You have a personal team of angels/ guides/ helpers who desire to connect with you, support you and assist you. But are you paying attention? Do you know how to ask them questions when you need assistance? In the Angel Encounter Workshop, you'll learn methods and tools to open a closer connection with your guides and ask them direct questions. You'll be able to ask a question and receive an immediate answer. You'll also learn about your own intuition and your spiritual gifts through a personal consultation! During the Angel Encounter Workshop you will: • Establish a direct, two-way communication with your Spirit Guides • Receive answers immediately to questions you would like to ask your angels/guides • Realize you are never alone • Discover how your angels KNOW your life purpose and can steer you in the right direction toward joy, abundance and fulfillment. • Raise your energy vibration instantly to be “tuned in” with your helpers. • Learn a quick and easy method of daily meditation with your guides so you can receive their ideas, inspirations and suggestions for your life success. Receive your personal Orientation Profile consultation. In this individual profile you'll learn how many angels you have, how they communicate with you, your energy sensitivity level and your primary gift of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy or Feeling. In this workshop you will discover a "practical spirituality" approach to working with your personal team of guides to help you be in the right place at the right time and make clearer decisions for your life. You will learn to trust your Inner guidance; your innate spiritual sensitivity that you were born with. £75 per person, includes personalized spiritual consultation sheet, workshop training + workbook. Seating is limited to 35 places. Reserve your seat early by purchasing your ticket online at https://SpiritualDevelopmentCollege.com/London For further information email [masked]

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Develop your Intuition & Clarify your Life Purpose

London School of Capoeira


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