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The Atlantis

Twelve Chakra System

I have advertised this as a free healing for you and your guests as I feel everyone needs healing to the heart chakra not only once but continually as with the other chakras. Those who have not tried distant healing due to fear of it not working can try it for FREE now. To those who have taken it before this is free to say thank you and thank you for all the wonderful comments and acknowledgements.

The Heart chakra is about love, kindness and affection. When it is open, you are compassionate and friendly, and you work at harmonious relationships.

When your Heart chakra is under-active, you are cold and distant.

If this chakra is over-active, you are suffocating people with your love and your love probably has quite selfish reasons.

This chakra opens as we develop empathy, sympathy, compassion and unconditional love.

Chakras are very important in our lives they are are engine oil, the life force that runs our body and determine our health if we have dirty chakras we have dirty engine oil and that makes us ill and causes disease.

6th Chakra - Heart Chakra. This is found low down in the centre of the Chest (see picture).

‘hard hearted (closed hear chakra), Soft hearted (Open heart chakra)

Colour - Green. The colour of nature, which represents balance and harmony.

Tone: The heart chakra’s tone is So

Sanskrit Name: Anahata

Location: Centre of chest

Colour: Green or Pink

Central Issue: Love, Relationships

Sound: “Yam / Sam”

Meditation: "I love"

Rights: The right to love and be loved

Goals: Balance, compassion, self-acceptance, good relationships

Overactive Characteristics: Co-dependency, poor boundaries, possessive, obsessiveness, jealous.

Deficient Characteristics: Asthma, heart disease, power-seeking, lack of control, feeling of being trapped, unfulfilled, lonely, bitter, lack of self worth.


Receive angelic healing for your HEART chakra for
7 days from the day you call it in YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL 10TH to call it in for yourself and others if you wish to do so (ie book for yourself and guest(s) and call it in as you do for yourself.)
NORMALLY if you book for a guest you need to pay £5 ie £2.50 for yourself and add £2.50 for your guest (£2.50 each) but just for this Heart Chakra Healing which I would like you all to experience it is FREE therefore please pass it on to others.
The angels of Atlantis will be with you and them immediately.
Receive distant healing while you stay at home in a comfortable and warm place where you can relax.
HEART chakra healing 7 days of distant healing
Connect to the angelic realm at this special time and know that they are with you.
The angelic realms are not subject to time. Angels can be with multiple people simultaneously, as they hail from a dimension that transcends limitations, as we know them. Therefore, when we ask for angelic assistance, rest assured that the angels hear us, and will respond.
Link to the angelic healing Chi Ball which is a ball of angelic healing energy I have set in the universe for a week from the day you book or choose to call it in.
If you buy this healing on a Friday you will have healing for a week from that Friday to MIDNIGHT on the next Friday even if the event has finished on the website the healing energies will still be running for a week from which ever day you book it and call it in.
If you buy it on a Friday but your intent is to call it in from Sunday then the healing energies will run for 7 days from Sunday to Sunday as that is your intention from the first day you are able to call in the chi ball of healing energy it will run for 7 days from that day and you can call it in every day from Sunday to Sunday if you would like to or just allow it to come to its natural end after 7 days.
If your intent is to CONNECT at 7pm on Monday, 10 JUNE 2013 then it will run for 7 days from that date.
Call this healing in every day if you would like to, at any time of the day.
Easy to do and powerful, think about the energies of the healing flowing to you and you will start to feel the healing energies immediately. The angels will work around you healing you with their healing rays. You will sense them, hear them or even see them working around you, they will also give you guidance during this time and instinctively you will know what to do.
Always give gratitude by saying thank you to the angels.
***** How to Receive or call in the Healing *****
• It is best to receive the Healing chi-ball while in a quiet meditative receptive state.
• Switch off all the phones.
• Close your door so as not to be disturbed.
• You may put on some healing music which would be a soft instrumental sound – no voices.
• Get in a relaxed meditation position in a chair or lie down.
• Concentrate on your HEART chakra area and think of GREEN/PINK
• Say the following:
I (say your name) accept this Healing Chi-ball being sent to me by Cynthia Angela Soal on this day (state the day) in the month of JUNE in the year of 2013 and ask that I shall receive the strongest healing energy I am able to handle for my best and highest good. SO BE IT, BE IT SO.
IMPORTANT: Relax for at least an hour or more, sleep if you need to sleep, record any happenings in your evidence book or journal to honour your spirit. Go with the flow and follow any healing and changes for your best and highest good according to the the above HEART chakra facts. If you wish to call in the healing just before you go to sleep in the evening you may do so.
Drink lots of water after the healing and through the week to cleanse the toxins from your body. Always go to the doctor if you feel you need to as holistic medicine runs in conjunction with modern medicine. Please advise your guest.
Disclaimer on purchase of healing as required - warning please do not carry out this healing when driving or operating any dangerous equipment it must be done at home where you can relax and not work or go out.
As with all complimentary and alternative therapies, none of the treatments are NOT meant to be a substitute for proper medical diagnosis, treatment or care from your GP/Medical Practitioner.
I do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medication or interfere with a GP's treatment.
If you are currently taking medication prescribed by your GP/Medical Practitioner, do not stop taking these without his/her advice. If you have any concerns regarding your medical condition please speak with your GP/Medical Practitioner first.
I do not accept responsibility if you choose to treat yourself using any information from my websites or training manuals or healings. I accept no responsibility for any loss or damages caused as a direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of any information contained on my websites or through attunements or healings.
ts will only be given to With pure love, light and healing.
Divine Blessings, Namaste.
Cynthia Angela Soal[masked] [masked]
Ascended Master, Seraphim & Cherub Angel, Divine Prophet

See my angels drawings on my websites:
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Direct Channel for God, Ascended Master and Seraphim by Divine Appointment, Incarnated Archangel, Incarnated Mystical Angel, Incarnated High Priest of Atlantis, Incarnated Dolphin, Starseed, Incarnated Wise One, Incarnated Shaman, Shape Shifter, Crystal Child (Adult), Clairvoyant/Mystic Healing Practitioner/Grand Master Teacher.
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