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Auric Vision with the seraphim angels Metatron and Sandlephon £15

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Price: £15.00 /per person

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Only £15 for 3 hours

Zone 2 easy to get to

Orange over ground

AURIC vision

how to read auras

Get attuned to and learn from the Seraphim Angels Metatron and Sandlephon, so you can hear and see them, working with them on how to view the auric colour and interpret them. Watch a DVD by Alan Harriot a healer from America on how he views auras and take part in the exercises shown on how to read auras. NOTES on aura reading will be given at the meetup ... Angel Metatron the angel of:

Children’s issues
Recordkeeping and organization
Spiritual understanding
His colours are green and dark pink

Angel Sandlephon the angel of:

Delivering prayers
Determining sex of unborn babies
His colours are turquoise (dragonfly energy),


FREE Refreshments (a selection of teas, coffee & decaf, water) and biscuits and available at the workshop.


Shops, cafes & Tesco are 3 minutes away if you need to buy anything.


Start 2pm to 5pm

We operate a non-smoking policy but if you do want to
smoke it is possible to go outside the property at the dockside.

Wear something comfortable and bring something warm to wear as you may find that you get cold as the healing energies are working.

Please bring a scarf or something to tie around your brow in order block out the light while in meditation

Please bring anything small that you would like to place on the alter for blessings

There will be a chance for you to write down names of those who are ill that need healing and place the list on the alter, you may also if you would like write the list at home and bring it with you.

Please bring food and/or drink to share with others if you would like to.

With pure love, light and healing.

Divine Blessings.


Cynthia Soal 02073941263 07517002561

Ascended Master and Seraphim Angel Cynthia Soal (

Divine Blessings
Live a Life that Matters

Direct Channel for God, Ascended Master and Seraphim by Divine Appointment, Incarnated Archangel, Incarnated Mystical Angel, Incarnated High Priest of Atlantis, Incarnated Dolphin, Starseed, Incarnated Wise One, Incarnated Shaman, Shape Shifter, Crystal Child (Adult), Clairvoyant/Mystic Healing Practitioner/Grand Master Teacher.

Source Energy: God the Creator. Ascended Masters, Abraham Avalokitesvara, Babaji, Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama Buddha), El Morya, Ganesh, Green Man, Hilarion, Jesus, King Solomon, Kuthumi, Kumeka, Kyron. Lady Nada, Lord Ashtar, Lugh, Maitreya, Mahachohan Ragoczy, Manjushri, Mary (Mother Mary) Melchizedek, Merlin, Moses, Pan, Paramahansa Yogananda, Paul the Venetian, Sanat Kumara, St Francis, St Germain, St Michael, St Pio White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Gods: Aengus, Apollo, Avalokitesvaara, Krishna, Horus, Osirtis, Serapis Bey, Shiva, Thoth, Vishnu.

GoddessesAbundentia, Amaterasu, Aphrodite, Briget, Epona, Hina, Isis, Ixchel, Kali, Lakshumi, Pallas Athena, Paravati, Oshun, Quan Yin, Sekhmet,Venus, White Tara.

Extra Terrestrials:Sirius High Command.

Healing Systems: Divine Source Healing, Ascended Master Healing, Angels Healing, Grand Reiki Master 1-18 Healing, Isis Seichim Reiki, Usui Reiki, Money Reiki, Angel Reiki, Crystal Healing, Guardian Angel Reiki, Dolphin Trilogy Reiki TM, Dolphin Heart Reiki, Dolphins of Atlantis, Dolphin Spirit Reiki, Dolphin White Wave Healing, Orca Empowerment Reiki, Rainbow Light Healing System, Crystal Healer, Shaman, Quantum-Touch®, Atlantean, Gold, Silver and Violet Flame Healing System, Akashic Records (Past Life Regression), IAC (Int. Academy of Consciousness) CPD1-5, Drisana, Triangles Healing, DNA Light Integrative Healing. Robin Empowerment, Lord Ashtar Sheran Protection, Animal Spirits, Power Animals Scarab, Wolf, Panther, Bear, Leopard, Bee Spirit, Snake Spirit, Horse Spirit, Dragon Spirit, Grandfather White Feather, Drum Spirit, Power Wolf Essence, Fairies and Elementals, Lunar Radiance Reiki, Goddess Ixchel and Archangels Mumiah and Raphael, Holy Light Vortex, Internal Viewing System, 7 Chakra System, 12 Chakra System, 33 Chakra System, The 12 Angels of Atlantis.


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