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What we will discuss in the event?

Talk 1:

"A Token Walks into a SPA" by Ben

Ben Dechrai is a technologist with a staunch focus on security and privacy. This started at the age of 11, when he wrote software to stop his parents from breaking the family PC, and resulted in his working as a developer advocate for Auth0. He enjoys helping developers find the joy of experimentation, from ethical skulduggery to subversive automation, and can be found on Twitter and Instagram at

Here is quick excerpt of his talk:

Securing SPAs isn’t as straight forward as a traditional web application. The code is there for all to see. Cookies and local storage aren’t 100% safe. Where do we put the login forms? And what if the user refreshes?!

Learn everything you need to know about JSON Web Tokens, and maybe even some things you don’t! Keep user credentials safe, while still communicating effectively with APIs.

Talk 2:

"RxJS unit testing in Angular application" by Oleksandr

Oleksandr Poshtaruk, Senior front-end dev. Last 3.5+ years I’ve been working in commercial projects heavily using Angular framework and RxJS library. Writer for ‘Angular-in-Depth’ blog. National JS conference speaker. "Hands-on RxJS" and “RxJS unit testing” video-courses author.

He will make you understand the system - the system of RxJS unit testing tools in Angular applications.

Talk 3:
"Revisit JavaScript basics" by Maniraj

Maniraj, Software Engineer works at Kovan Labs in Coimbatore, India. He is basically a ReactJS developer who loves to spread his knowledge on JavaScript with community.

He will talk about ES5 vs ES6 , Primitive vs Reference values. Garbage Collection in Javascript..

Who can attend?

Those who already using Angular in work or started learning Angular will find this event very helpful. If you are new to Angular (Haven't used it before), you are still welcome - Collaborate with the group for great learning.

What you need for the event?


Why do I conduct this event?

I want to share my knowledge on Angular with developer community and help them with their learning. This online platform also bridges between our Developers from India with International speakers.

Event cost - FREE (always & forever)

P.S: Just in case, if you want to brush up on Angular routing, please check here - https://angular.io/guide/router