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What we will discuss in the event?

Talk 1:

"Everything About Angular’s Dependency Injection" by Santosh Yadav.

Santosh is a GDE for Angular and web Technologies and an active contributor to Angular and NgRx.
He writes for AngularInDepth and mentors at Dotnettricks and Organizer of Pune Tech Meetup.
He is the creator of ng deploy package for Netlify and part of NestJSAddons core team.

Here is quick excerpt of his talk:

Angular dependency Injection is one the best feature of Angular Framework and really helps us manage the code effectively, It lets us used SOC(Separation of Concern) principle also can use used to create Singleton Object of Service to share the data in entire application, In this talk we will discuss how dependency injection works, how to utilize DI scope and Class based and Non Class based providers like Value Provider and Factory.

Talk 2:

"Progressive Web Apps Using the Angular Service Worker" by Hari Chandrasekaran

Hari is a Technical Lead for the Verizon Infrastructure and Platform Services Group at Verizon India. He is responsible for measuring DevOps Key Performance Metrics for all Verizon Applications. Hari joined Verizon as a college hire in 2013 and has been with Verizon for over 6.7 years.

Here is quick excerpt of his talk:

Progressive web apps are web applications built with technologies that make them behave like native apps. A benefit of progressive web apps is the ability to work smoothly when network coverage is unreliable. Also, unlike native apps, no installation is required, but they are faster than typical web apps. In this session, we’ll learn how to build a progressive web app with Angular and deploy it with Firebase.

Who can attend?

Those who already using Angular in work or started learning Angular will find this event very helpful. If you are new to Angular (Haven't used it before), you are still welcome - Collaborate with the group for great learning.

What you need for the event?


Why do I conduct this event?

I want to share my knowledge on Angular with developer community and help them with their learning. This online platform also bridges between our Developers from India with International speakers.

Event cost - FREE (always & forever)

Code of conduct:

We follow same code of conduct followed in ng conferences.