Building Component Libraries

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Speaker: Isa Conteh

When working on building user interfaces for multiple projects, it can be difficult not only to stick to a company's design guidelines but also to keep programming standards consistent, especially when it comes to handling markup and styling. So difficult, in fact, that a sub-specialty called UX engineering was created to address the most pressing issues within this subsection of Front End development. One of the technical solutions created to help solve these types of problems is called a component library. If you've ever used a tool like bootstrap or material UI with Angular or any other javascript framework, you're already on some level familiar with them and aware of how useful they can be for abstracting away not only small elements like buttons, but also larger more complicated ones like modals.

As useful as these third party libraries are, they aren't always easy to modify and alter to fit specific brands. Also, more complicated UI elements like Navigation bars often are complicated enough that they need several different elements within an external library to make them functional. In contexts like these, it can be useful for companies to create their own component libraries, and that is the focus of this talk. In this presentation, we'll discuss not only how and when component libraries can be useful, but also where they fit in within larger design systems and tips and techniques for building your own company's custom UI component library.

About the speaker:
Isa is a Front End Developer at a small company in Arlington called Inspire. They specialize in building online communities for people managing complex and sometimes chronic diseases. She is currently spear-heading UI development for multiple new projects and assisting in building the UI for a suite of new products including mobile apps and PWA's.


Food/drinks will be provided starting at 6PM and the talk will begin at 6:30PM.