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The why and how of E2E testing

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When you create a new Angular application, have you noticed the folder named e2e? Have you also wondered just what the purpose of this folder is? Then today is your lucky day! In this talk we'll do a deep dive into what End to End (E2E) testing is and why it is an important piece of your testing suit. Then we'll move onto writing a few E2E tests of our own by integrating CucumberJS with the Tour of Heros sample application.

Speaker - Devin Kelly-Collins is a full stack developer currently working with Artisan Technology Group. While he got his start working with C# he has shifted towards working with javascript and Anuglar for front-end development. When he is not working or trying our yet another JavaScript framework, he enjoys playing games and biking around the city.

Adaptive Solutions Group @AdaptiveSG
Sprint Accelerator
210 W 19 Terrace · Kansas City, MO
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