Custom Dynamic Forms and Controls & Javascript / Not Javascript

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Custom Dynamic Forms and Controls:
Almost all web apps require forms and fields, and some apps are almost all forms and fields. As the number and types of fields increase, these forms can become unmanageable. Configurable dynamic form libraries are a great alternative to hard coding, but they often don't cover all the needs of our apps. It could be that they are missing date-range pickers, min-max inputs, range sliders, etc. Or maybe they don't offer fine control over validation or styling.
In this talk, we will see how to create our own dynamic forms and custom fields with Angular Forms Module and Material.

Javascript / Not Javascript:
If you have been using Typescript for a while you may have missed out on some of the new features in Javascript. Language features you thought were unique to Typescript may be available in Javascript as well. So just how different are these two today? Let's test your knowledge of the Javascript and Typescript by looking at code snippets and determining if it is Javascript or Not Javascript.