What's new in Angular 9 with Minko Gechev, Angular components, QnA and more!

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Join us this Friday to learn more about the Angular 9 with Minko Gechev from the Angular core team! The stream will be available on Frontend Tech Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGLjk1NTN-ZfJdAD1y9PYHg on 10 April @ 15:00 (Sydney GMT+10).

🎉 We are planing more video content like that in the future so - subscribe to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGLjk1NTN-ZfJdAD1y9PYHg?sub_confirmation=1


15:00-15:10 Introduction
15:10-15:40 What's new in Angular v9
15:40-15:45 QnA
15:45-16:15 How to write reusable custom components in Angular
16:15-16:20 QnA
16:20-16:50 Panel Discussion (aka Open Talk)

💥 Minko Gechev will talk about the latest features in Angular v9 followed up with QnA session where you will be able to ask him any questions!

🔥 Vex Tatarevic will talk about developing your own reusable, self contained, modular components and he will present 2 most basic components from his own library! With Loading Overlay you will learn how to use Angular Anchor Directive for dynamic component loading.
Data Pager component presentation will include example of how to call serverside API using HttpClientModule and RxJsObservable explaining a benefit of serverside versus clientside data paging.

📢 You will be able to network or ask any questions in youtube chat or in Frontend Tech telegram channel https://t.me/frontendtech