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Hello All!

This year’s Walk marks Farm Sanctuary’s 25th anniversary, and their goal – with all the walks across the country - is to raise a total of $1 million dollars to help fund their lifesaving rescue and animal care efforts. As you all know, our valley has an amazing activist community so I know we can do our part to help them achieve their goal. For anyone wishing to learn more about Farm Sanctuary, please check out their website HERE (


This event is a PERFECT and FUN opportunity to make a direct difference by raising awareness and funds to help rescued farm animals who depend on your advocacy efforts... animals such as Billy:


Free Billy: A Calf’s Story of Survival

He had only been in this world one day, but it was about to be his last. Billy, one of many male calves born into the dairy industry and considered worthless, was about to receive a fatal hammer blow to the head when a Truxton, New York man, Larry, impulsively intervened. Shocked by the brutality of what he saw, Larry decided to spare this tiny calf a painful death by persuading the farmer to let him take Billy home.

So home Billy went, yet while Larry did not wish to see the calf killed in such a horrific way, he still intended to have him slaughtered for meat once he had grown up. Sale negotiations were made and a buyer lined up. However, as Larry cared for Billy over the next eight months, something changed: he began to realize that Billy was not just a mere commodity but an individual capable of experiencing pain, pleasure and friendship just like us. No longer wanting to see his new friend be killed for food, Larry began researching alternative options for Billy.

That’s where Farm Sanctuary came in. Knowing that his backyard shed was not the most appropriate place for a calf during the winter, Larry got in touch with Farm Sanctuary National Shelter Director Susie Coston. After making the necessary travel arrangements, Billy arrived safely at their New York Shelter in early January. There, he was given expert veterinary attention and has since gained a healthy amount of weight.

Farm Sanctuary caregivers instantly opened their hearts to Billy: playful, affectionate and determined to make as many friends as possible, he is known to follow the shelter workers right to the end of the pasture as they leave the barn – as if guilt tripping them into letting him join them! His overtly friendly nature is perhaps best epitomized by one of his favorite pastimes: giving kisses. He currently resides in a section of the Rescue and Rehabilitation Center with two pigs, both of whom he appears quite enamored with Billy as well. Life has certainly taken a dramatic turn for this sweet boy, and Farm Sanctuary is truly grateful for the change of heart that brought him to their door!


Let's get started helping rescued farm animals whose lives continue to depend on the generosity and compassion of the animal advocacy community!



Saturday, October 29th.

Check-in begins at 8:30am. The Walk will go from 10am to 11am. There will be a celebration with complimentary snacks and a raffle with some awesome vegan themed prizes following the walk from 11am to 1pm: DJ Shugenja will kick-off the post-Walk festivities! Everyone is welcome to bring blankets, chairs, frisbees, etc., whatever you'd like, to enjoy at the celebration! There is a HUGE field (please, no glass bottles). Remember to bring cash for the raffle! $2/ticket or $5 for 3 tickets. Prizes include gift certificates for a spot in a class with fabulously vegan raw chef Siegren Johnson of TRU Cuisine, and for local veg-friendly restaurants. Note: Although some water will be available at the Walk, participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

A bonus - dogs are welcome at this event! Please keep in mind that there isn't much shade at the park (good thing for the positive turn in the weather); also please consider your dog's water needs.


The main parking lot is on 3rd Street, just north of Moreland (also, there is free overflow parking at Burton Barr Library).


Early registration for the walk is $15 ($5 for teens and free for children under 12). Day of registration is $35, so I definitely recommend registering as soon as possible (this will also give you ample time to collect donations which can earn you all kinds of cool Farm Sanctuary-themed prizes!).


IMPORTANT: For anyone that will be registering at the Walk itself, please note that ONLY cash or check can be accepted.

If unable to physically attend the Walk, you can still participate in the virtual walk titled "Sleep In for Farm Animals" (virtual walk registration HERE ( Virtual walkers are still eligible for prizes for donations earned!! When signing up for this virtual walk, there will be an option to choose “Phoenix” as the city/team you would like to be affiliated with.

Please be sure to "like" the FACEBOOK PAGE ( Fundraising tips and encouragement will be offered weekly.

Thank you for your help in making the 2011 Walk for Farm Animals a record-breaking year. We look forward to seeing you at the Walk!

Best regards,

Rachel Colletta


Some helpful links: : FAQ's : Tips for raising money/donations. : Prizes offered for donations earned!

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