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RE: [animalrights-177] Flouride in the watr

From: Coby S.
Sent on: Sunday, August 12, 2012 9:58 PM

The writer is Dr.Yamujanic. I was sicker from fluoride than a dog and landed in the hospital in Denmark, where I could not pay the bill because I was a guest of the Government!. It is called a cumulative synergistic toxin exposure of fluoride. So have to distill my water. A group in SM is hard working on it. Be part of it! Love Coby and please eat only PLANT-FOOD.


From: [address removed] [mailto:[address removed]] On Behalf Of Lori
Sent: Saturday, August 11,[masked]:07 PM
To: [address removed]
Subject: Re: [animalrights-177] Flouride in the watr




Last time you asked me about this I gave you multiple links to lots of information to answer your questions.

I also continually invite you (and everyone on this meet up group) to listen in to my free tele-seminars to learn more.  And btw: in these FREE tele-seminars, I almost always have a no holds barred all questions taken forum....

Your response what that you believed it was all propaganda, which mostly tells me that at least on some level, you prefer to keep your current point of view and again, on some level are unwilling to see other points of view...

....Which is fine as I honor your free will and free choice.

However, If you want to know the truth, you'll have to make a choice to open your mind to it.

You'll have to make a conscious choice to be open minded and even to be wrong (UGH! The hour!) about your current points of view.

We all have to make those choices when we are learning new things...

I love to assist people in waking up to the truth so we can all make new and more evolved decisions for ourselves, our planet, our world and our animals, however, I generally am not interested in debating...

So, again, I will provide you with some great avenues for you to open  your mind and get out of the doubting thomas mentality, however, at the end of the day, its up to you and if you choose to continue doubting and keep your mind closed to these possibilities, i cannot continue to answer your questions for you...





Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Karen Becker

Be Well Buzz

David Wolfe

The Longevity Conference

Project Camelot - Recommended

Thrive, The Movie (free on the internet) ~ HIGLY RECOMMENDED 

Zeitgeist, The Movie - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

KYMATICA - HIHGLY RECOMMENDED and here is the link to that:




Sending LOTsa' LOVe, JoY 'n Light!


Very best, green lights,


Lori Spagna, Professional Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Canine Behavioral Expert, Energy Healer and Empowerment Coach for the Spiritually Conscious - empowering people to tap into their true connection to The Universal Source which exists in us all to live their BEST LIVES EVER! - there's a god in every dog's life! - teaching what the dogs already know and are here to teach us - communication for the mind, body and spirit in every living being



Please visit us on You Tube:


Learn to "Speak Wolf!"® and The Universal Language of Love...



On Aug 11, 2012, at 12:34 PM, Eliza wrote:


I just now got in on this conversation so I'm not sure what religion has to do with this, but what's crazy is to believe that you're being told everything that's going on or important.  What's crazy is to believe that TPTB actually give a rat's @ss about you instead of seeing dollar signs and sheep whenever they look at the public. 


As far as fluoride goes, even my dentist and hygienist admitted that fluoride is not good to ingest.  Where do people get this info?  It's everywhere if you just open your eyes.  These reports are nothing new.  There have been studies confirming this for decades.  If you're really interested in learning about this, a good start would be to look up the numerous studies listed in the book The Fluoride Deception.  Sorry, I forgot who the author is.  If you think it's so far fetched that fluoride could be harmful, you might as well keep drinking out of lead pipes, and cooking with lead pots.


If I'm coming off as aggressive or confrontational, that is not my intent.  I'm just being blunt and sometimes it can come across harshly.






In a message dated 8/10/[masked]:15:15 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, [address removed] writes:

You know, I've been restraining myself from saying anything to past posts about information like this. Even being an atheist I still think anyone has the right to trust in whatever belief system they want for whatever reason.  Also knowing that some on this list are fanatics who wouldn't listen anyway to what I'd say but now I must post something.
Where DO you get this nonsense? Don't you see how insane it sounds? This is nothing new. I've heard this in exactly the way you posted it some time before. Plus I remember a very long time ago when it was proposed that fluoride be put in the water. Many people and groups were opposed. One argument against it was that it was a Communist plot.
It's just crazy to think there's any kind of conspiracy or danger.
I truly would like to know where, how and WHY people get this idea and the information promoting it. And I'd like to know what's going on in their minds.
I hope you'll understand I really am asking why and would like an answer. I'm so puzzled.
As a side note. I have many books on the elements and glaze chemistry. Mostly related to my work with ceramics. I use and have at my home (studio) all kinds of chemicals. Cobalt, titanium, magnesium, iron oxide, copper carbonate, strontium, lithium and on and on. Many of which are used in our food along with being in airplane parts, golf clubs, roofing materials, cars and who knows what else. Besides being in our bodies naturally. SO, there's some more to get hysterical about. : ) Oh, and one other thing, my son was born in Los Angeles as was I, don't know about me but he has a genius IQ. Although I'm not sure how much water he consumed as a child. I didn't stop him nor monitor it. So much for lower IQ's!
Thanks for reading,

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Lori [mailto:[address removed]]
>Sent: Tuesday, August 7,[masked]:47 AM
>To: [address removed]
>Subject: [animalrights-177] Flouride in the watr
>Do you think that maybe the government, which has deliberately put Fluoride in the water, knew this?
>(being facetious ;)
>In fact, the tests on Fluoride were conducted during the Nazi regime and the Nazi's knew this information, which was also brought with them when many of them were given asylum by the Roman Catholic Church and by the US Based Government which gave them safe living and careers over at Plum Island where they have been doing all that outrageous testing on animals - however, these findings are only now being studied by and reported to the masses....
>And ps: the poor quality water affects our pets too....I always recommend high quality PH balanced water for our animal companions too!
>Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ
>August[masked] | 717 views

>By Dr. Mercola
>Fluoride is added to 70 percent of U.S. public drinking water supplies to aid in the prevention of cavities.

>This benefit is dubious at best, as there is practically no difference in tooth decay rates between fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries, and no difference between states that fluoridate a high versus low percentage of their water.

>Yet, while fluoride in drinking water does NOT decrease rates of tooth decay, numerous studies show that this chemical has a wide array of devastating health effects – one of them being lowered IQ.

>Yet Another Study Links Fluoride to Lower IQ Levels

>A review of brain studies involving the use of fluoride has concluded that one of the adverse effects of fluoride exposure on children is damage to their neurological development.1 According to the Harvard researchers, children who lived in high-fluoride areas had “significantly lower IQ than those in low fluoride areas,” with the authors noting:

>“The results support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children's neurodevelopment.“

>This just adds to the growing number of animal and human studies demonstrating the damage fluoride inflicts on your brain, including your pineal gland. The results of one study looking at children’s intelligence in two towns – one with fluoridated water and one without – were particularly revealing, with about 28 percent of the children in the low-fluoride area scoring as “bright, normal or higher intelligence” compared to only 8 percent in the high-fluoride area.2

>Further, 15 percent of children in the high-fluoride city had signs of mental retardation, compared with only 6 percent in the low-fluoride city. And the study even accounted for other potential variables, such as lead exposure, iodine deficiency or a history of brain disease or head injury. There have been over 23 human studies and 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage. This includes such effects as:3

>Reduction in nicotinic acetylcholine receptors    Reduction in lipid content    Impaired antioxidant defense systems
>Damage to the hippocampus    Damage to the Purkinje cells    Increased uptake of aluminum
>Formation of beta-amyloid plaques (the classic brain abnormality in Alzheimer's disease)    Exacerbation of lesions induced by iodine deficiency    Accumulation of fluoride in the pineal gland

>Some of these effects have been observed even at low levels of exposure, such as 1 part per million (ppm) of fluoride in water. This is below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 'safe' drinking water level for fluoride, which is 4 ppm, and right around the levels used in water fluoridation programs, which may range from[masked] ppm.

>The Fluoride in Your Drinking Water is an Industrial Waste Product

>Did you know that the United States is one of only eight countries in the entire developed world that fluoridates more than 50 percent of its water supply? Even China does NOT allow water fluoridation because it's too toxic and causes damage, according to their studies. Instead, the waste product from their phosphate fertilizer industry is shipped to the United States, where we add it to our water supply!

>This is a very important point: the fluoride added to your water is NOT even pharmaceutical grade.

>It's a toxic industrial waste product, which is also contaminated with lead, arsenic, radionucleotides, aluminum and other industrial contaminants. The story gets even more convoluted, as now declassified files of the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Energy Commission show that the original motivation for promoting fluoride and water fluoridation in the United States was to protect the bomb-, aluminum-, and other fluoride-polluting industries from liability. In the early days some of the sodium fluoride used to fluoridate water supplies in the U.S. came from Alcoa.

>A couple of years later, they switched to the even more hazardous waste product hydrofluorosilicic acid from the phosphate fertilizer industry.

>While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officially claims that "For more than 65 years, water fluoridation has undergone extensive scientific studies and reviews to assess its public health benefits and risks. For many years, panels of experts from different health and scientific fields have provided strong evidence that water fluoridation is safe and effective,”4 this claim appears to have the flimsiest of foundations.

>According to a 2006 report from the National Research Council,5 extensive amounts of research are inconclusive, or still missing and need to be conducted to evaluate the whole-body impact of fluoride …

>Not only that, but their scientific review also identified research suggesting a variety of harmful effects, from skeletal fluorosis, bone fractures, and, potentially, even cancer. With that in mind, how can the CDC claim that "extensive research" has concluded water fluoridation is safe for ALL community residents, without differentiation between infants and adults, the sick or the healthy?

>How can the CDC possibly claim, as they often do, that water fluoridation is one of the top public health achievements of the last century? Fluoride is a toxic agent that is biologically active in the human body where it accumulates in sensitive tissues over time, wreaks havoc with enzymes and produces a number of serious adverse health effects—including neurological and endocrine dysfunctions. So why is it still being added to so much of the U.S. water supply?

>Healthy Food – Not Fluoride – Essential for Healthy Teeth

>Fluoride's predominant action is on the surface of your tooth (although even this is now questionable) and not from inside the body – so the idea that many Americans are still being forced to swallow it for their teeth defies all common reason. Good oral health and strong, healthy teeth are NOT the result of drinking fluoridated water and brushing your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste. Rather it's virtually all about your diet.

>Dr. Weston A. Price, who was one of the major nutritional pioneers of all time, completed some of the most extensive research on this topic back in the early 1900s and documented his findings in his classic book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He found native tribes who were eating their traditional diet had nearly perfect teeth, and were almost 100 percent free of tooth decay -- and they did not have toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, or root canals and fillings.

>But when these tribal populations were introduced to sugar and white flour, guess what happened … their health, and their perfect teeth, rapidly deteriorated, just like the kids in El Salvador. By avoiding sugars and processed foods, you prevent the proliferation of the bacteria that cause decay in the first place.

>Most people whose diet includes very little sugar and few processed foods have very low rates of tooth decay. So the simple act of limiting, or eliminating sugar, and avoiding processed foods -- along with regular cleanings with your natural mercury-free dentist -- will ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy and cavity-free naturally.

>Infants and Children Among Those Most at Risk

>Breast milk contains very little, almost no, fluoride, and this is by design. Remember, fluoride is a neurodevelopmental toxin that can damage a baby’s brain. As Dr. Paul Connett, co-author of the book, The Case Against Fluoride, explained:

>“In the view of many critics of fluoridation, including Arvid Carlsson, Nobel laureate in medicine/physiology, it is reckless to expose infants to levels of fluoride orders of magnitude higher than that found in breast milk.

>In the U.S., infants who are fed formula reconstituted with fluoridated tap water receive the highest levels of fluoride (per kilogram bodyweight) in the human population. Specifically, infants who are fed formula made with fluoridated water at the current level of 1 part-per-million (1 ppm = 1 mg/liter) fluoride will receive a dose up to 250 times more than the breastfed infant.

>Even with the proposal by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to lower fluoride to 0.7 ppm in fluoridation schemes, bottle-fed infants will still receive up to 175 times more fluoride than the breastfed infant.

>… Even though health agencies in the U.S. and other fluoridating countries have recognized that children are being grossly over-exposed to fluoride (41 percent of American children aged 12-15 now have some form of dental fluorosis), they are unwilling to concede that fluoride may be impacting the brain. Their approach has been either to ignore these studies completely or to challenge the relevance and the methodology of the fluoride-brain studies. They have thus far failed to conduct any IQ studies of their own.”

>What You Can Do TODAY!

>The Fluoride Action Network6 has a game plan to END water fluoridation in both Canada and the United States. Our fluoride initiative will primarily focus on Canada since 60 percent of Canada is already non-fluoridated. If we can get Calgary and the rest of Canada to stop fluoridating their water, we believe the U.S. will be forced to follow.

>Please, join the anti-fluoride movement in Canada and United States by contacting the representative for your area below.

>Contact Information for Canadian Communities:

>If you live in Ontario, Canada, please join the ongoing effort by contacting Diane Sprules at [address removed].
>The point-of-contact for Toronto, Canada is Aliss Terpstra. You may email her at [address removed].
>Contact Information for American Communities:

>We're also going to address three U.S. communities: New York City, Austin, and San Diego:

>New York City, NY: The anti-fluoridation movement has a great champion in New York City councilor Peter Vallone, Jr. who introduced legislation "prohibiting the addition of fluoride to the water supply." A victory there could signal the beginning of the end of fluoridation in the U.S.
>If you live in the New York area I implore you to participate in this effort as your contribution could have a MAJOR difference. Remember that one person can make a difference.

>The point person for this area is Carol Kopf, at the New York Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF). Email her [address removed]. Please contact her if you're interested in helping with this effort.

>Austin, Texas: Join the effort by contacting Rae Nadler-Olenick at either: [address removed] [address removed], or by regular mail or telephone:
>POB 7486
>Austin, Texas 78713
>Phone: (512)[masked]

>San Diego, California: Contact Patty Ducey-Brooks, publisher of the Presidio Sentinel at [address removed].
>In addition, you can:

>Make a tax-deductible donation to the Fluoride Action Network, to help them fight for your rights to fluoride-free food and water.
>Check out FAN's Action Page, as they are working on multiple fronts to rid our food and water supplies of fluoride.
>For timely updates, join the Fluoride Action Network Facebook page.

>Sending LOTsa' LOVe, JoY 'n Light!

>Very best, green lights,

>Lori Spagna, Professional Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Canine Behavioral Expert, Energy Healer and Motivational Coach for the Spiritually Conscious
> - empowering people to tap into their true connection to The Universal Source which exists in us all to live their BEST LIVES EVER!
> - there's a god in every dog's life!
> - teaching what the dogs already know and are here to teach us
> - communication for the mind, body and spirit in every living being

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