Canceled Meetup

First LASA-Versary Celebration in Jefferson, Ohio!!!!


A Message and invitation from Joy, Tom and all their family members:

May is an important month among the animals here. It's not only the month when Jasper was born, but also the anniversary of our first large animal rescues, the arrival of Nanda, Shanti, and Donovan! Come, join us as we celebrate a year of family, friends, compassion, and awe. While there is never an admission charge, we are requesting a $10 donation per attendee to help cover the costs of the event. In addition, please be generous in your participation in our various event fundraisers including Hay Stack photo opps, Photography print sales, and Quilt raffle as our family has grown a lot in the last year, and there is still much work to be done!

It is also a Vegan Potluck, so please bring a vegan dish, enough to share with plenty of people, along with your own service ware and serving utensil (to be green friendly).

A few rules and reminders:
* Appropriate clothing AND footwear (no sandals, flip flops, or other open toed shoes) are absolutely required before being permitted in the pasture area.
* Children are permitted. However, we reserve the right to restrict entrance into animal areas for young children or those who demonstrate inappropriate behaviors (i.e. screaming, grabbing, running, or other behaviors disturbing to the animals)
* We have snakes, spiders, bugs, and mud. All are expected to be treated with respect.
* No animal or animal-based products are permitted on sanctuary lands.
* Please plan to carpool as parking is VERY limited.
* Visitors will be asked to read and sign a risk acknowledgement form prior to interacting with the animals.

For more info, please contact: