Past Meetup

Peaceful Protest against Kelly Miller Circus in South Russell

This Meetup is past


There may be a peaceful protest against the Kelly Miller Circus if there are any organizers or animal rights advocates who are interested in attending. This event will take place at South Russell Village Park, Bell Street, South Russell, OH Right now, there are no organizers for this event.

Kelly Miller Circus is sweeping across the North eastern section of Ohio and has shows daily in various cities. It is a travesty that these Circus people who own these poor defenseless circus animals have captured, (or have the animals conceived in captivity), cage them, control them to be trained to perform under extreme and abusive conditions, crate them across the country, and travel with them hidden away in their trailers for 9 months out of the year.

I have seen the animals being put back into their cages and trailers after the final performance, then the circus parks over night, the animals do not get out for the entire night. Nor do they get out the next morning! The circus travels to the next town and it's not until the trailer doors open that the animals can once again get out of the cages or trailers to be instantly tied up next to the trailer with a 3-4 foot rope! That is what happens to the 4 Zebras and the two year old baby filly Zebra, 2 Llamas, and 2 Camels. The pigmy goats are kept in a small confined fenced in area, as well as the 4-6 small dogs. That is where they will stay except of leaving that spot for a performance. The 3 elephants are kept confined in a small area surrounded by an electric fence. The elephants rock back and forth in one spot, showing signs of depression and stress. There are 3 cages, under a canopy, with a screen across the cages, holding 5-6 tigers. The show horses are tied to the side of the horse trailer, and the 6 pony-ride horses, are tied daily to the ride, walking in circles for the full 8 hours (and longer) that the circus is open to the public. They can't graze or put the heads down, as the lead it around their face/neck, making them walk all day long.

Please join in with a group of animal loving friends for a peaceful protest at the Kelly Miller Circus demonstration Sunday at 1pm and again at 4pm - one or both would be great. We have found that it is best to be clearly visible one hour before the actual show starts, as the people are pulling in and again to be there as the show is letting out. Show lasts 2 hours. If you don't have a sign and you need a sign, can contact me, Sandie, at 440 796-9190 and I can get you one or two! Of course, it would be great if you could make a sign, too! Please come and bring a friend or ten!