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AnimeChicago brings together good people and good anime since 2006!

• We’re anime fans who enjoy a wide array of Japanese pop culture
• We welcome newbies and seasoned veterans 18 years and older
• We love crushing all those otaku stereotypes
• We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Whether you’re interested in meeting new people, discovering new anime titles, or debating the merits of subs vs. dubs, we’ve got an event for you.

✦ Anime Deep Dive (Tues): Watch a hidden anime gem and chat about it.
✦ Art Circle (Weds): Share your creative side with a friendly group of regulars.
✦ Social Mixer (1st Thu): Meet like-minded fans and discuss all things anime.
✦ Manga Circle (2nd Sun): Book-club for selected manga or specific arc.
✦ Anime Circle (3rd Sat): Book-club for selected anime series, film, or OVA.
✦ Anime Sampler (3rd Sat every season): Discover the latest anime together.

Upcoming events (5)

Anime Deep Dive: Armor Hunter Mellow Link Part 2

Online event

This Meetup will be held online on the AnimeChicago Discord Server. Follow the instructions here for access: https://animechicago.com/discord/ Armor Hunter Mellowlink is an independent spinoff of the gritty real robot show Votoms. Join us for part II of our look at this. Set in a post apocalyptic world, its a story of a soldier whose unit is sacrificed on the battlefield for reasons unknown. Although he was not meant to survive, the main character, Ality Mellowlink, manages to survive only to be framed for a crime he did not commit. Mellowlink escapes his captors and begins hunting down his former commanding officers, both to get revenge for his dead platoon members and to find out the nature of the conspiracy that led to their death. Featuring some of the earliest director credits (ep 8) of Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop fame, join us as we sample the first part of this overlooked mecha OVA series from the 1980s.

Anime Sampler: Winter 2021

Online event

Join us for our members-only watch-party! We curate the season’s first episodes, introduce the title and studio, and discuss how we like it. You leave with a few anime titles to follow. • Open to all members • Suitable for all knowledge levels • $5 suggested donation: https://animechicago.com/support/ ★★★ FOLLOW ALL 4 STEPS TO JOIN! ★★★ ★ STEP 1: RSVP Fifty slots go quickly! Update your RSVP if plans change. Our “Three Strikes” policy remains to deter No Shows. ★ STEP 2: Join Discord Here’s a handy guide to get started: https://animechicago.com/discord. Create an account, introducing yourself, and getting verified before the event. You may not be admitted to the event otherwise. ★ STEP 3: Troubleshoot A/V beforehand Our team is busy hosting and may not be available to help you during the event. ★ STEP 4: Launch Discord at 1:45 pm when #sampler goes live. There are scheduled breaks for snacks, chatting, and other shenanigans. ★★★ We can’t wait to party with you! ★★★

Anime Circle: TBD

Online event

This Meetup will be held online on the AnimeChicago Discord Server. Follow the instructions here for access: https://animechicago.com/discord/ Watch the entire selection beforehand – spoilers guaranteed. • Anime Circle is a book club for anime • We take No Shows very seriously • First meetup? We’ll take a moment to welcome you!

Art Circle: An Online Creator Space

Online event

Art Circle is back with a vengeance! These topsy turvy times have given us the opportunity to meet online for a few hours and create! Together, we will draw, color, sketch, model, and whatever other creative endeavor you're into! 👉 Join our Discord Server: https://animechicago.com/discord/ ★ 7:00 pm – Video Chat Opens Head to our Discord channel #arts-crafts for further information on how to join the video chat. ★ 7:15 pm – Create Together! Work on your creations in the video chat and talk shop, anime, and whatever you're in the mood for! ★ 8:45 pm – Show Your Progress Feel free to share what you've worked on, get some constructive criticism, and provide your own feedback for others. Click the online event link to join our Discord server, where you can find out more about these meetups as well as hang out with your fellow AnimeChicagoans!

Past events (465)

Manga Circle: Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams

Online event

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