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What we’re about

Meet new people while critically exploring anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture! Founded in 2006, our nonprofit club offers a friendly, inclusive space for first-timers and veterans to discuss titles they love and discover new obsessions with friends 21+ older.

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✶ 2024 SCHEDULE ✶

  • Special Events: Join us for random outings at movies, cons, and festivals!
  • Member Mixers (1st Thu): Meet like-minded fans, discuss all things anime.
  • Manga Circle (2nd Sun): Book-club for selected manga or specific arcs.
  • Anime Circle (3rd Thu): Book-club for selected anime titles. Spoilers!
  • Art Circle (Weds): Work on your creative project with friendly regulars.
  • Anime Deep Dive (every other Tues): Watch a hidden gem and chat about it.
  • Anime Sampler (3rd Sat every season): Discover the latest anime together!


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