[Online][VIP Party] Anime Sampler: Spring 2020

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Join us as we watch the first episodes of the upcoming anime season together!

• Only VIP members may attend.
• Slots are limited. Only RSVP if you’re committed.
• Update your RSVP. Our “Three Strikes” policy is still active.
• Suitable for both new and regular members of all knowledge levels.


★ STEP 1: Donate $12 or more for VIP status.
Anime Sampler is a VIP party to fund our nonprofit mission. VIP status is valid for 12 months, so you can attend four Samplers a year!

★ STEP 2: Join Discord early and troubleshoot A/V issues.
Follow our guide to getting started. https://animechicago.com/discord/

★ STEP 3: Participate in our Café Challenge!

1. Select one title airing this season from https://anichart.net.
2. Create a dish, dessert, or beverage inspired by that title!
3. Photograph your creations and share recipes in our VIP Discord channel #cafe-challenge.

The idea here is to host a remote café experience together. Get creative with your pantry. If you happen to be grocery shopping, add a little something extra to your cart. Not an experienced chef or mixologist? Select online recipes to design your specialty menu.

An example for Kaguya-sama S2: Kaguya appears sweet and refined, but her bite is sharp. As is a cherry parfait! https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/pretty-cherry-parfaits/

★ STEP 4: Open Discord at 1:45 pm when #sampler goes live.
There will be breaks for chatting and other shenanigans. Thanks in advance for your patience as we hammer out technical and logistical challenges.

★★★ We can’t wait to party with you! ★★★