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Teen Game Campaign Notes

user 14096141
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 10
The transition module from Rise of the Runelords to Carrion Crown was completed.

The adventurers decided that all was well and good in the asylum, and left without exploring any further, with their unconsious keeper in tow. They delivered him to the mayor, who stated they would have a normal trial for the criminal, despite the adventurers claiming that the beast was after him. The heroes rested for the night, and upon awakening heard that the beast had attacked and collapsed the asylum. The mayor took took this as a sign, and decided to 'expidite' the process.

The heroes then decided to tackle the middenstone vats next. They approached directly, and entered the factory. Seeing only workers going about their job, they continued on. When they got close enough to the workers, however, it became apparent that they were only extremely well-preserved zombies, who dropped what they were doing and attacked. Much to everyone's dismay, the ease of zombie killing soon turned to terror as all but one of them were grasped by a large field of tentacles rising from the ground. Only the ranger was free, and he helped as best he could. It was the Summoner, however, who made a key decision, and cast Grease on himself, freeing him, following that up by casting it on all the other members, one at a time. The heroes found and targetted the wizard who had done this. The wizard continued to harass them sucking life energy from the Barbarian to heal himself and shooting beams of black energy at them, but a critical hit from the Ranger ended the ruckus.

After healing their wounds, they then proceeded directly to the last location, the deserted temple of Aroden, where the last keeper was thought to be. The main floor was quiet, but a hidden door in the floor was found, leading to some caverns. Below, the last keep was working on some alchemical equipment, and the Barbarian was able to approach first, before giving away their presence. Little did the heroes know that this man had made friends with some Dark Creepers, who flanked the barbarian and started gutting him like a pig. Several of the heroes were poisoned, but a few good shots removed the Dark Creepers from the fight, and the Keeper fled down a shaft to the south. Sending the Eidolon to investigate, they knew about the deadly spikes at the end of the shaft, and could avoid them, but the Eidolon missed seeing the Keeper, hidden in the sand.

Once more, the barbarian went first, and was greeted with a sneak attack crossbow bolt to the kidney. The heroes piled on after that, making short work of the Keeper, and ending any chance of gaining more power for the beast. As they relaxed, the investigated and found a corpse in the back of this area, dressed in city guard clothes and with a weapon, which was identified as a +1 mithril abberation-bane greataxe. The barbarian liked the look and feel of it, and decided to try it out.

Just then, a bellowing rumble came from the caverns, and unbeknownst to the heroes, the entire chapel had been caved in by the beast. As it approached them, it called out it an unknown language, and they could only hear "Yog-Sothoth". The heroes were in a key location, however. Any other place, and they may have died quickly! But here, the beast had to squeeze through 70 feet of narrow tunnel to get to them, so the heroes had time to prepare and position themselves. They did so, and the summoner brought forth an Earth Elemental to warn them when the invisible creature was close. When he did so, Andrezei cast his one useful spell of the day, Glitterdust, outlining the montrous form of this fell beast:

The battle was surprisingly fast. The heroes may easily have perished if they were close, but the summoner blocked the creatures advance with his beasts (although they did little else), and the two warriors were enlarged with Magical weapons able to pierce the creatures hide. A couple of mighty hits from the Barbarian, and another critical from the Ranger ended this creatures reign of terror.

The heroes clawed their way out of the caverns and basked in the thanks (and the gold) of the mayor and townsfolk. Ready to take on the next challenge, they prepare to set forth....
Peter J.
user 12275327
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 8

I was talking to Grace about how, in D&D, you need to be ready to accept that your character may die. She understands this, but she also would be upset that the character she spent so much time on would be gone. Well, it then occurred to me that there is a way to get that dead character back...

I think we're high enough level now that getting a raise dead spell cast is a possibility. The problem is the cost is still perhaps just out of reach. To have a 5th level cleric cast a spell normally costs 10 * caster level (9) * spell level (5) = 4500gp. That's ok, but then there is also a 5000gp material component cost, bringing the cost to 9500gp, which is more than any of us have. Finally, there are negative levels which need to be fixed with a Restoration spell, but that seems like something we can manage.

By the time we hit 9th level, these costs will be within reach (especially since Vol will be able to just cast the spell), but right now we're in the almost-but-not-quite situation where we'd need a little help to get access to this spell.

So, I am preemptively going to ask the DM to think about any way to either lower the cost (clerics are supposed to be helpful and not so greedy, right?), or otherwise allow access to this spell (i.e., letting a character take out a loan from the church, or having a boss drop a scroll of raise dead, etc.).

Since nobody has died, this is just hypothetical and doesn't need an answer now. I'm throwing it out there since I know Grace, and possibly others, will want to raise their character if they were to meet an untimely end.



Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 94
If someone really loves their character we will find a way to bring them back to life if they die. Blake has decided to kill off his character and has created a new one. A witch.

You guys returned back to Morass and a somewhat-Deranged looking Witch and a what looks like a weird mix between a lizard and a bird, comes and talks to Andreze and says "Rexy-poo says that one of them sorcerer types got sat on by one of them ther' mani-cores. The animals have been talking about how weird people been goin' round killin' things you guys seemed to fit the bill. Seein' you guys have a vacancy in your par-tay I'd like too come with you guys. I got nutin' better todo anyways. Oh yeah, I'm Enkarii and this Here is rex *whispers* don't call him Rexy-poo cuz' he'll bite ya. What is that look for I'm not loony *twitch*"
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 98
You went to Morast to get clues about the murders there and this lead you to Vorkstag and Grine’s Chymic Works where you were able to subdue the people responsible for the murders.

You presented them to the courthouse and under oath and spells that made them tell the truth all was revealed. They needed bodies to sell and experiment on.

The Truth
Of all the crimes attributed to the Beast of the Lepidstadt,
the creature itself played a role only in Hergstag, though
it did not commit the crime it is charged with. The other
two incidents were the handiwork of Vorkstag and Grine,
two alchemists in Lepidstadt, who used the Beast as a
convenient scapegoat for their own crimes.
Using their innocent chymic works in the city as a cover,
Vorkstag and Grine ply a darker trade—trafficking in stolen
bodies and body parts, which they supplied to eminent
physicians across the region for over a decade. At first, the
pair contented themselves with using their unique talents
for simple body snatching. Greed soon took over, however,
and as the demand for fresher parts increased, the supply
of corpses dwindled. It wasn’t long before the alchemists
turned to murder to obtain fresh subjects—but in such a way
that the Beast of Lepidstadt was blamed for the killings.
In fact, Vorkstag and Grine are much more than simple
alchemists. Vorkstag is a skin stealer, a creature able to wear
the skins of bodies he has slain, while Grine is a murderous
dark creeper who disguises himself as a gnome. Whenever
they commit a murder, Vorkstag dons a particularly
gruesome skin—that of a hulking freak called the Shambling
Man, whose vile appearance makes an excellent Beast of
Lepidstadt, causing terror in all who see it. By means of
such deception, the true culprits have escaped suspicion at
the expense of an innocent scapegoat.

Here are the things you find in the shop.

Boxes in this room hold 12 vials of
alchemist’s fire, 12 vials of liquid ice*, 10 smoke pellets*,
10 smokesticks, and six bottles of bleach (worth 5 gp
each) with the same labels as the one found in area D3 of
Sanctuary. In addition, a DC 20 Perception checks finds a
bottle of port intended as a gift to a client, worth 100 gp.

Among the empty boxes in this room are
cases containing 12 vials of acid, 12 vials of nushadir (see
the Advanced Player’s Guide), five tanglefoot bags, and three
thunderstones, all packed in straw.

potion of cure light wounds, potion of spider climb,
acid (2), antitoxin; Other Gear rags, masterwork handaxe,
masterwork throwing axes (3), disguise kit, holy symbol of
Norgorber, black smear poison (6 doses), spell component
pouch, thieves’ tools

The chest contains 200 gp,
four vials of antitoxin, and a small purple velvet purse
containing 4 small, cloudy diamonds worth 300 gp each.

potion of bull’s strength, potions of cure light
wounds (2), potion of invisibility, potion of spider climb, potion
of water breathing, wand of acid arrow (21 charges); Other
Gear masterwork heavy mace, dust of tracelessness (2 doses),
alchemist’s kit, formula book (contains all prepared extracts,
plus bull’s strength, cure light wounds, darkvision, endure
elements, invisibility, and spider climb), keys (to all locked
doors in the chymic works, including the Cabinet of Skins
and Faces [area E8], and the grille beyond area E12), poison
(black adder venom [2 doses], blue whinnis [2 doses], and
deathblade [1 dose])

Vorkstag’s collection of books (mainly
dealing with anatomy and surgery) would be worth
500 gp to the right scholar or a university. In addition,
a complete alchemist’s lab sits on the desk, along with
three packets of f lash powder* and five pots of alchemical
grease* Vorkstag had recently created.

treasure—500 gp in assorted coins, a silver drinking cup
inlaid with obsidian worth 400 gp, and a syringe of six vials of necromantic alchemical elixir.

The crates in this room hold five pots of
bladeguard*, 10 doses of bloodblock, 5 applications of silver
weapon blanch*, 5 applications of cold iron weapon blanch*,
and a single application of adamantine weapon blanch*.

A ledger
sits in the handcart,
listing the objects
in the room,
their buyers,
and delivery destinations. All of them are destined for scholars in
Caliphas and have commanded high prices. A wand of
gentle repose (28 charges) rests on top of the ledger.

The results of the trial.
“We have heard the evidence presented before us, and thank
Pharasma that we did so, for without this trial there would have
been a most terrible miscarriage of justice. There are many
cruelties in the world, but to lie and blame another for one’s
crimes is the most terrible of sins. We have asked ourselves a
question—who is the monster here? Is it this creature before us,
with its broken body and terrible form, or is it we, the people of
Lepidstadt, with our bigotry and lies? The Beast is innocent!”

The story arc is on the next post.

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 99
Through investigations and gather information you would know the following. The next step is to rescue the Count and get more information on the Whispering Way and what their plans are.

For years the people of Lepidstadt have feared traveling the
lonely roads surrounding their secluded city at night, for
in the dark hunts the Beast of Lepidstadt, a devil who preys
upon the innocent and unwary. Over the years, dozens of
murders have been attributed to the Beast, and hundreds
of sightings have painted ever more terrible portraits upon
the canvas of public fears.

But the Beast of Lepidstadt, as told of in folktales and
urban legends, is more myth than monster. While the
Beast truly does exist, it has slain fewer than 10 people
in its 20 years of existence, and been sighted only a few
dozen times at most. The legend of the Beast dominates
local nightmares, but the people of Lepidstadt are far
more adept at stirring their own fears and telling tales of
the Beast’s predations than the creature is at murder and
mayhem, so it serves as both bogeyman and scapegoat for
all the wrongs, accidents, and unexplained crimes that
plague a city as large and old as Lepidstadt.

In actuality, the Beast of Lepidstadt is a f lesh golem,
albeit one that some accident granted true sentience and
more than rudimentary intelligence. The Beast is the
creation of Count Alpon Caromarc, an alchemical genius,
and Vieland’s aged and reclusive former ruler. The creature
was an act of passion for the count, and early in its life it
served as a weapon of Caromarc’s outrage at being forced
to abdicate—an act he performed voluntarily, though he
saw no other choice at the time. Today, however, the Beast
is a disappointingly secret masterpiece at best, and at
worse, a living regret. Caromarc’s interest in his creation
has largely passed, and all of his attempts to explain its
intelligence have failed, leaving him to view the Beast as a
f luke and a dead end not worthy of further research. The
Beast spends most of its time in a rude hovel in the middle
of the Dippelmere Swamp, occasionally visiting the
libraries of Schloss Caromarc, its master’s castle home.
The count pays little heed to his creation these days, but
should he need the golem for some purpose, Caromarc
possesses a device called the Bondslave Thrall—an object
attuned to the Beast that allows the count to control the
golem’s mind and command it to perform any act he
desires. This tool, like the count’s decades-old notes on
the Beast’s creation, lie in his tower laboratory collecting
dust, discarded long ago in favor of more promising
investigations into alchemical golems and other stranger
experiments. Until recently, at least.
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 101
If the Beast is found innocent, it thanks the PCs for
their help, calling them its “best friends in all the world.”
The Beast confides that it wants nothing more than to go
see its “father,” who lives at Schloss Caromarc. The Beast
tells the PCs that “Father doesn’t usually like visitors,”
but invites them to visit it there in a few days. The guards
escort the Beast through the baying crowds to the edge of
the city, and release it into the Dippelmere Swamp.

Regardless of the outcome of the trial (provided the PCs
did a reasonable job of defending the Beast), Judge Daramid
requests that the PCs meet her the next morning to receive
their payment. When the PCs arrive at Judge Daramid’s
house, she gives them their promised reward, telling them
they have earned it, as the Beast was able to receive a fair
trial. But she asks them to complete one more task for her. If
the Beast was found guilty, Judge Daramid informs the PCs
of the Beast’s escape the previous night. The guilty verdict
notwithstanding, Daramid believes that the PCs found
enough evidence to put the creature’s guilt into question, at
least in her mind. But she is curious about the Beast’s final
statement, and asks the PCs to find out why it said what it
did, and what it meant. If the PCs have not already made
the connection to Schloss Caromarc themselves, Daramid
asks the PCs to go to Schloss Caromarc and try to shed some
light on the Beast and its alleged crimes. Daramid also tells
the PC that the townsfolk are forming a mob to recapture
the Beast, and suggests that the PCs hurry to avoid further
unnecessary violence.

If the Beast was declared innocent and released, Judge
Daramid still asks the PCs to go to Schloss Caromarc
in search of the Beast and its creator. She is interested in
the Beast’s history, and thinks the Beast might still be
dangerous. If the PCs can find its creator, perhaps they can
learn how to control the Beast, or convince its creator to keep
a tighter rein on the creature. But Daramid has also heard
rumors that the townsfolk are planning to track down the
Beast and overturn the court’s verdict on their own. If the
PCs want to protect the creature, they should hurry.

On their way back from Judge Daramid’s house, the PCs
notice a large number of people gathering on the streets
with torches and various weapons and farm tools. If asked,
the townsfolk tell of their plan to go into the swamp, find
the Beast, and “give it the justice it deserves, once and for
all.” Whether the Beast is guilty or innocent, the PCs must
get to Schloss Caromarc before the mob does.

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 102
What you know about Schloss Caromarc.

Schloss Caromarc is the dwelling of Count Alpon
Caromarc, the former ruler of Vieland who abdicated his
position when the Palatinates threw off the heavy yoke of
the aristocracy.
An eccentric recluse, Count Caromarc has built
a dwelling that both attracts and deters visitors. Known
as the Hanging House, Schloss Caromarc lies to the
northeast of Dippelmere Swamp, and is actually several
buildings built into the walls of a gorge above a waterfall.
Although the lower parts of the house are as luxurious
as one might find in any city, the further up the gorge
one goes, the more treacherous and inhospitable the
buildings become.
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 109
OK, we left off after a fight with a Mummy, Mimic and a Flesh Golem. The witch was almost dead dead. The Barbarian and the Cleric have something very wrong with them.
Barb takes 1 point of CON and 6 points for CHA damage
Cleric takes 6 points of CON and 2 points of CHA damage.
I just rolled with real dice!
This puts you in a bad spot. You are not sure how to cure it until you make a successful Knowledge religion roll.
Also, you have enough XP to level to 6. However you will need to go somewhere and spend at least 24 hours of uninterrupted 18 hours of study/practice and 8 hours sleep to do so.
We are playing at the Shaw's house and this should be the last session of this adventure module.
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 110
You are all at the top of a tower and just discovered the wondrous device that can control the Beast. Will you know how to use it? Will the Beast finally be reunited with is father? Will you find the professor and put an end to this madness?
Find out January 12th. The 4th Saturday is cancelled due to the holidays.
Next time we play, after the resolution of the current adventure, I would like to sit down with you and your character sheets. We need to make sure encumbrance and armor check penalties are being calculated correctly.
You all have a lot of loot now and carrying it around may be tough. You will probably need to sell and buy stuff before heading out into the wilds.
So, be prepared for all that.

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 118
OK, we had our NPC heavy game last Saturday. You met a few NPC's and discovered more of the plot. You are all still at the Lodge and are making plans for the next steps.

Depending on your choices the next session may get a little nasty. Be prepared to roll some dice and think on your feet.

Side note: I know I've been talking about moving to the Realms after this campaign but think it would be best to stay in the Pathfinder setting. They are constantly releasing new stuff for this world and it is growing on me.

Besides, it will be less work for me if I want to pick a few adventure idea from here and there since they are all pathfinder rules.

So, I purchased the Ultimate Equipment Guide and the Campaign setting book to have at the table when we need it.
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