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What we’re about

This group will be dedicated to providing all the ANSWERS for emergency and disaster preparedness for natural and manmade events. Learn how to prepare and ride out safely earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, hazardous material spills plus civil disobedience and much much more. Training will be thorough, and very detailed with plenty of demonstrations and opportunities to try the new skills yourself. You will have the opportunity to handle the important survival products and learn how to use them correctly. Our training is different than most as we delve into the real core knowledge of the skill sets. We are very specific about what we recommend and we name brands and models of gear we recomend which most courses shy away from. 

 Over a dozen different courses will be offered over the next 12 months will more new courses will constantly be developed.

Requested Training can also be provided on a demand basis and custom classes can be developed for individual groups of members and/or their employers companies .Custom training can be arranged for groups as small as 6 to 60 plus.If you want to know how you will get home safely after a major quake we can come to your church, school or employer and do custom classes to match your circumstances.

 You can use our facilities or have us come to your own chosen locations and facilities. 

Travel fees may apply depending upon distances.

 Schedules will be updated often and training locations will be both North OC and South OC at various facilities. In addition most events will include the opportunity to socialize and build networks during the meal  hours. All events will offer an hour or more for breakfast, lunch or dinner gathering to make it easy to attend after work and still have a good meal. During meals you will have the opportunity to make new friends of like minded  individuals which is extremely valuable and important for long term survival success.

All training is FEE based so check the pricing carefully before signing up. Fees are for training only and meals are extra.