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This group is for those interested in our「aoiShip X Designer」event series held every two months in Tokyo, Japan! At each event, we introduce a new exhibit of craftsmanship and beautiful design from one of aoiShip's exclusive fashion designer brands sourced from Japan.

We invite members in our community to join us in appreciation of art, design, and a display of Japanese street culture and luxury to the World of Fashion.

「aoiShip (https://aoiship.com)」 is FashionTech / E-Commerce dedicated to sourcing, originating, and sharing Japanese street and high-fashion apparel across the world.

Our online marketplace (https://aoiship.com) sources apparel directly from designers from various regions of Japan to make available online to shoppers abroad. Currently we ship internationally to the United States and domestically in Japan.

Learn more about us (https://about.aoiship.io).

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aoiShip X「OVER THE STRiPES」Vol. 1

Circus Tokyo

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